The pleasure is so intense I start gasping and moaning. He licks and fucks me with his tongue. His teeth bite gently before he sucks hard on my clit. He is relentless in this pleasurable torture, and I come exquisitely hard after only a few moments, the force of the orgasm tearing through me and causing me to shriek.

He doesn’t stop, though. Just voraciously attacks me with his mouth again. He brings a hand to my pussy, plunging his fingers in. One, two, and sometimes even three. I am so wet, and he’s drawing reactions from my body I’ve never given to anyone else.

A finger slides across sensitive skin to my ass before probing gently. Just as he lashes at my clit with his powerful tongue, he presses his long finger into my most forbidden place.

As I wail from the sensations, another orgasm hits me hard as he continues to eat me. Powerful ripples of ecstasy rocket through my body, making me delirious.

Tears slip from the corners of my eyes, running along my temples, and I imagine them splashing to the floor.

Damn that feels so good. I want to stay lost in this moment forever.

It barely penetrates but what sounds like a remote control clicks, then I can feel the contraption lowering me. As I drop downward, his mouth stays locked onto my wet flesh and he continues to pleasure my over-sensitized flesh with his tongue.

Another click.

His mouth is gone, and he rotates me. Flips me. My stomach rolls slightly even though the machine moves at a snail’s pace. I think I might be facing the floor now, but I’m not sure.

After another click, the straps start tightening to draw my legs slightly inward again.

I’m startled when I feel my knees press into the cool tile floor, then my torso with my arms stretched out in front of me. I turn my face, pressing my cheek onto the smooth floor.

The harness stops moving and before I know it, I can feel him kneeling at my backside as he uses his hands to push my legs slightly apart. He tips my ass into the air, then his hands are on my buttocks.

I groan when I feel the fat head of his cock pressing into my pussy. He grips me by the hips hard as he plunges in so deeply it makes me cry out.

It could be minutes or hours. All I know is he relentlessly pummels me from behind, and it’s the best thing I have ever felt in my life. Bound in leather, held helplessly to the floor, and impaled on this mysterious man’s erection, I know there is something special between us.

A third orgasm starts brewing deep inside, and the man sounds like an animal with his grunts and groans as he fucks me so hard my teeth are rattling.

I explode once again in pleasure, feeling my inner muscles locking tight and he feels it, too.

“Fuck, yeah,” he growls in praise as he plants himself deep inside of me.

Like he did the first night, he roars out his satisfaction as he unloads inside of me, his fingers digging so deep into my ass muscles there will be bruises tomorrow. Something about his release is so animalistic it connects to something deep inside I’ve never shared before.

I want to bring out the animal in this man. Revel in it.

He collapses onto me, his torso pressing into my back. At this point, I realize he’s still fully clothed as his hips continue to rock into me while he pants slightly from the exertion.

I feel him shift, then his lips are at my jaw. He doesn’t kiss me, but I can feel his whiskers rubbing against my skin in an almost affectionate way.

“I have a proposition for you,” he murmurs through the haze of waning lust.

I’m still panting, feeling the remaining tremors of my own orgasm pulse through me. “What’s that?”

“Let me buy you a thirty-day membership here,” he says, and I cannot deny the pull of the seductiveness in his tone. “Give me exclusivity for thirty days. Be at my beck and call whenever I want.”

And that’s it. His offer. Fuck him exclusively for thirty days here at The Wicked Horse. Whenever he wants.

I don’t need to think about it. Sure, it will be hard since I work long hours and live in Henderson, but it doesn’t matter. “Okay,” I quickly reply before he can change his mind.

“Okay.” He exhales on what sounds to be a relieved sigh, and it makes me smile.

“I’m Elena by the way,” I say.

“Benjamin,” he murmurs.



I walk out of the surgical room, peeling off my gloves with a snap before I toss them in the medical refuse bin followed by my scrub cap. I give a quick wash to my hands, tossing my head left and then right to pop the bones in my cervical spine. Normally a twelve-hour surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma would leave me exhausted, but while my body is feeling a slight fatigue, I’m feeling strangely fresh and rejuvenated.