Elena’s head falls back, knocking against the door as I pull her sweet nipple into my mouth to torture. Her hips rock into mine and her fingers dive into my hair, holding me tight.

She shifts, her hands tightening on my head. “Benjamin.”

I ignore her.

“Someone’s coming,” she whispers. I ignore that, too. Don’t fucking care.

Elena grips onto my hair, and she gives it a hard jerk to get my attention. When I lift my head, she’s grinning with a slight tone of censure. She gestures, and I follow her gaze as she nods to the hall. An older couple, probably in their sixties, are walking our way, their own eyes pinned to the carpet. It’s clear they got an eyeful already.

I’m not ashamed in the slightest, and I doubt Elena is either. We’ve both fucked in front of other people at The Wicked Horse, and exhibitionism is part of what gets us off. But I also don’t want to get thrown out of this hotel.

Not bothering to fix her dress, I pull the card out of my pocket and punch it into the slot. When the lock releases, I’m pushing the door open and Elena through it. When I give one last glance to the older couple, I see the woman still has her gaze averted but the older man gives me a sly grin.

I slam the door in their faces.

Taking Elena by the arm, I escort her into the room. She gasps when I whirl her around a little roughly, my need for her all too apparent. Her eyes spark with lust and willingness.

Fuck, that’s exactly what I need right now.

After I drop my cane on the bed, I move my hand to the back of her neck. I pull her to me for another rough kiss, then my fingers glide to her shoulder.

Putting the slightest pressure on her, I say, “Get on your knees.”

Christ, my heart almost slams out of my chest when she smiles in a way that says, “It would be my pleasure.”

Before her knees hit the ground, I’m working at my fly. My cock is already hard and needy. I have to push my pants to my hips to free it, and my gaze moves past its thickness to Elena’s face just beyond as she stares up with patience from her kneeling position.

I stroke myself once, then rub the head of my cock over her lower lip. Her mouth parts, and her tongue comes out to touch me softly. It almost makes my legs buckle, having nothing to do with the weakness in my left leg. That’s all her power and the way she wields it right now.

Elena’s hands come up. One goes to my ass, then the other bats my hand away so she can take my length in her grip. She fists me tight, opening her mouth to receive me.

Fucking heat, wetness… so goddamn tight when she sucks me in. My jaw locks tight as my eyes close to savor the feeling for just a moment.

Only a moment.

I need to watch this.

I open my eyes, dipping my head to look down at her angelic face as I slide in and out of her mouth. Her cheeks hollow and her tongue flattens hard on the underside as she jacks me at the base with her hand while she sucks.

Fuck, she’s a pro at this. It’s something April never enjoyed doing—

I snap my eyes closed again, offering up a quick apology I’d even think of April right now. When I’m with another woman. That I’d dare to compare them.

My stomach turns, and I involuntarily try to pull away.

Elena doesn’t let me, though. Her hand grips my base harder as she sucks me in deeper, giving a tiny growl of defiance I’d try to take this away from her.

“Fuck,” I mutter, torn between the exquisite pleasure she’s giving me and the notion I don’t deserve this. This shouldn’t be part of my life. I don’t deserve to have anything that makes me feel this good.

Elena shifts, raising just a bit on her knees, and I let out a bark of surprise when she takes my cock in so deeply I’m pretty sure the narrow confines gripping me is her throat. I’m in so fucking deep her nose presses into my groin. She swallows, the muscles rippling across the head of my dick, and my balls start to ache with need.

She pulls back, a slow withdrawal of my cock coming out of her mouth, and I’m entranced again as I watch. Her hands move to my hips, glide around to my ass, then she presses her fingers to my muscles.

I’m unsuspecting when she pulls me hard against her, her mouth and throat opening for me as I disappear all the fucking way in again.

I go dizzy with how good it feels, and it will only take a few more pumps before I come. I could get on board with that.

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