She’s aware of my indecision. I can see it on her face, along with a fortitude that scares me just a little.

With determination in her eyes, she pushes up from her kneeling position and steps into me. Her hand moves from mine, skims lightly upward along my thigh, and goes right back to my spent cock. It shouldn’t have any life in it, but the minute her fingers close around it, it pulses from her touch.

Her head tips back, and she licks her lower lip. “Let’s get naked, Benjamin, and explore each other’s bodies. I promise you can do anything to mine you want.”

My eyes flare, and she nods with a mischievous grin.

“Anything,” she repeats. “It’s yours.”

Her fingers move to the buttons on my shirt, and she starts to undo them. The entire time, I don’t take my eyes from hers. There’s a strength in there I latch on to. For the moment, I’m going to give Elena exactly what she wants. I’ll get naked with her, then I’ll take what she’s offering.

And it’s been a long damn time since I’ve looked forward to something so much.



My phone alarm goes off, and I shoot my hand out to turn it off quickly. I rub the sleep from my eyes, turning over in the bed to see if Benjamin is still there.

I half expected him to be gone but to my surprise, he’s there. In the predawn gloom, I can just make out his naked form. He’s sleeping on his back with one hand thrown carelessly above his head and the other resting on his ribs. He has one leg outstretched, the other bent, and he’s breathing deeply.

His body is tremendously beautiful even with the grotesque scar on his left thigh.

He had said it was a car accident, and I hadn’t asked for any details. It was clear to me that he was uncomfortable with it from the moment he tried to pull away from me to the way his eyes clouded over when I asked him what happened.

But we made it past that. I didn’t care what caused it, and it didn’t change my attraction to him. What mattered was he gave me the same level of intimacy I’d given him. I wanted to see him naked, and he’d given it to me. Let me strip him down to nothing but his bare form. He was magnificent as he stood there for a few moments and let me run my hands all over him. It hadn’t lasted long, though, because the more I touched him, the more excited he became. My clothes soon joined his on the floor, then he had me bent over one of the chairs as he fucked my brains out.

I stretch, raising my arms high above my head and lengthening my legs until my toes point. I feel quite luxurious despite how well used I am. Benjamin fucked me three times after that blow job. Three amazing, intense times where I let him use me however he wanted. I’m exhausted, yet exhilarated. Despite the lack of sleep, I feel damn good.

Something changed between Benjamin and me last night. Something seemed to break open within him after that blow job. Now, I know I’ve got some slick oral skills, but it was different with him. The things I did with my mouth were more intimate. Benjamin—being who he is—managed to push me past my own limits. Never have I held a man deeper within me, yet I feel like I could have taken him even farther. There is just no reasoning for it.

After that… after we got naked… we were both insatiable. Couldn’t get enough of each other. We would fuck, doze off, wake up, then touch, kiss, and fuck again. It almost seems like a dream to be honest.

And despite the soreness between my legs, the lack of sleep, and the long workday I have ahead of me… I want him again.

Right now.

I scoot a little closer, gently resting my palm on his chest, which is moving with his deep breaths. Never have I connected sexually with a person like this. Even with all the kinky stuff I’ve done and the limits I push myself past, I’ve never felt so in tune with another human being.

I rub my thumb over his breastbone. It’s like every touch is exactly where it’s supposed to be, and he gives me exactly what I need when I need it. Even the pain he sometimes inflicts speaks to a need I didn’t know existed within me.

I let my hand trail down his chest and onto his stomach. He clearly works out. I can see it in the lines of his form and lean muscles of his body. I’d noticed a small scar over his ribs last night, and I wonder if he got it in the same automobile accident.