The scarring on his leg is bad. I can’t imagine how painful an injury like that must have been. He’d lost muscle and skin, and it wasn’t easy to look at. But I had.

Every chance I could.

And I kept touching it so he could see it is a part of him I accept. That I’m attracted to. That deserves my attention.

I skim my hand down his stomach to the line of hair that leads to his soft cock, which is impressive in its length and girth while at rest. When it’s hard, it’s incredibly beautiful. Long and thick with a strong vein that runs on the underside. It stretches me, but it’s also a perfect fit.

I have some time before I must leave. My first hair appointment isn’t until ten AM. And as I said… I want Benjamin again.

Taking him into my hand, I start a light, sensual stroke. Within moments, his flesh responds. Slowly, it thickens and grows longer. I move over closer, go up on an elbow, and run my tongue down the length of it.

Benjamin shifts, and a low growl bubbles in his chest. I take him into my mouth, giving a gentle laving of my tongue around the head of his cock.

“What are you doing?” Benjamin asks gruffly, his voice heavy with sleep and growing lust.

I turn to look at him. “I’m doing you.”

Benjamin lifts his head from the pillow. He chuckles… an oddly beautiful sound to come from such a quiet, serious man.

He doesn’t say anything, but then again, he doesn’t need to. His hand skims up the back of my thigh, over my ass, and then his fingers press into me from behind.

Oh, wow. That feels damn good. I’m instantly wet from his touch. Even though I’m a little sore, the pleasure far outweighs it.

Benjamin is fully hard within my hand, and I give a few firm strokes. Each time Benjamin takes me, he’s always the one in control. I’ve not had any power. Not even that blow job because when push comes to shove, the way we ended that encounter was him full-on fucking my face as I just hung on for the ride.

That’s okay. It’s what I want.

But with this sexy man only half awake and on his back, I can’t resist the opportunity to take what I want.

I surge up from the mattress, flip my leg over his lap, and straddle his erection. Planting one hand down into the mattress, I take him in my other and maneuver the head of him to my entrance. I bring my gaze up so I can look at Benjamin. He’s staring at me with burning eyes. His hands move to my hips, and he hisses through his teeth as I lower onto his shaft.

So much beauty in the way I ride him. His face morphs, gentles, and then he lays his head on the pillow with his eyes closed. His hands hold tight to my hips, but he lets me set the pace. I work myself up and down, paying attention to every nuance flickering over his expression.

Benjamin drops a single hand, then presses his thumb against my clit. Pleasure shoots through me from the added sensation. Overstuffed with his beautiful cock and the pad of his thumb on my clit, I can’t hold off the inevitable rush of pleasure I seek. I start bouncing hard, not able to contain the little mewling sounds coming out of me. Benjamin grunts and groans from the strain of pulling back his own orgasm. He bites straight teeth down into his lower lip, and his face looks gorgeously pained with the need to seek release.

I slam myself onto his cock, and with just a little bit of a harder push on to my clit with his thumb, I’m sent over the edge and screaming out my release. It triggers Benjamin’s, and he grips me tight to hold me down while his hips surge upward in an explosive orgasm.

I collapse onto his chest, trying to catch my breath. Even though I can still feel the ripples of pleasure coursing through me, I already want him again.

That makes him dangerous to me. Like an addictive drug.

And yet, I’m not afraid.

Benjamin’s fingers skim my forehead, moving hair out of my face. I crane my neck to look up at him, and he lifts his head from the pillow so our eyes can meet.

“Stay with me,” he says softly.

“Stay with you?”

“All day. All night. Right here in this room. We’ll fuck like animals, order room service, and then fuck some more.”

Groaning, I let my head drop onto his chest. I wrap my arms tightly to his side, and it’s not lost on me that he does not return the embrace. I take this only to mean Benjamin might not be much of a cuddler, but it isn’t important to me. This is about sex and nothing else.