Elena answers on the second ring. “Well, this is a surprise.”

Yes, indeed. It is.

“I just wanted to let you know I totally understand why you’re canceling tonight. I hope you’re able to catch up on your sleep, so we can hook up tomorrow.”

She gives a sigh of relief that comes through loud and clear over the line. “Thanks for understanding.”

“I mean,” I drawl in a teasing tone. “It’s not like I arranged for two other guys to be with us tonight at The Wicked Horse. Three guys, and one of you. That could have been explosive.”

Elena is silent for a moment before she asks in an inquisitive tone, “Did you really?”

“No,” I drawl, then hesitantly ask, “But do you want me to?”

She and I have never once discussed exploring our sexual fantasies with another person. It happens all the time in the club. Hell, I’ve partaken in group sex there before. If I were a betting man, I would say Elena has before too.

“Actually,” she rushes to say. “No. It’s not really of interest to me.”

The amount of relief that floods through me makes it clear why I never brought this up before. Because, apparently, there is no way in fucking hell I’m ever going to share her. It goes against everything in my nature to let another man touch her.

“You could come here… to my place?” she suggests.

“Your place?”

“Yeah… I mean, I don’t have sex machines for us to play with, but I’ve got stuff. And I think we’ve proven we do vanilla just fine.”

Now the long pause comes on my end. She has caught me completely off guard. I actually have to think a moment.

I would never invite her to my place because it’s full of ghosts and weakness. But her place is a different matter, I suppose. It’s no different than when we stayed together at the hotel, right? Even though our original arrangement was to meet at The Wicked Horse, it doesn’t mean we are in any type of committed relationship if we go outside the club. So far, we’ve managed to keep a healthy distance from each other in all aspects of our lives except for the evenings.

“It’s no big deal if you don’t want to,” she rushes to assure me, filling the void of silence. “Just a suggestion.”

“No,” I quickly say. “It’s not I don’t want to. I was just thinking about my schedule tomorrow. My first surgery is at seven AM.”

She sounds disappointed when she says, “Oh, that’s way too early. And I’d totally keep you up way too late if you came here.”

“What if we just make it a very early night?” I suggest. “I can leave in about half an hour to come straight to your place. But I’m not staying all night. I can’t trust you to let me sleep.”

Elena laughs in delight. I love the deep, husky tones of it. More than anything, I love I made that sound come out of her.

“Okay,” she says while still chuckling. “You can come here. And we will make it an incredibly early night. I’ll kick you out of my bed as soon as we’re done fucking.”

“Can I pick up some food on the way?” I ask.

“Strawberries, chocolate, and whip cream. Two cans.”

“On it,” I say.

“That was intense,” Elena drawls before rolling away from me to grab a strawberry out of the bowl on her bedside table. She takes a bite, then reaches out to plop the other half in my mouth.

We’re both laying naked on her bed, having just recently reacquired rational thought and normal breathing after the amazing fuck we just had.

And she’s correct… That was intense.

When she had led me back to her bedroom a bit ago, she had had a variety of toys laid out for my perusal. I’d grabbed a bottle of lube and one of her larger butt plugs. Her eyes got wide with awe and excitement.

I took my time getting her ass ready for it. Once I had that monster inserted firmly within, I fucked her slowly from behind, knowing every thrust put pressure on the plug. I lost track of how many times she came.

“You’re very skillful with your fingers,” she says as she rolls to her side to face me, plopping her head into her hand.

I laugh. “It’s why I am a good brain surgeon, I guess.”

“What type of surgery do you have tomorrow?”

“A craniotomy to resection out a suspected glioblastoma,” I say grimly.

“That sounds serious,” she replies softly.

I turn on my side to face her. “It is. The most aggressive form of brain cancer.”

Her expression saddens.

“I don’t understand stuff like that. So senseless, you know? I often question why God does that to people, but I know His plan is greater than anything I can hope to understand.”

Yeah, I know all about senseless things, too. I don’t respond to the God comment because he ceased to exist to me a long ago. Truthfully, I believe it’s bullshit when people think God has a greater plan because there can never be anything good about taking the lives of innocents.

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