August makes a sweeping motion toward the dark-haired man. “This is my teammate, Cage Murdock.”

When I hold my hand out, he takes it, pulling my knuckles to his lips.

“So you work for Kynan as well?” I ask.

Cage gives a nod. “Sure do. I’m based out of the new Pittsburgh headquarters but I’m in town for a few days and thought I’d visit my favorite place here.” My gaze goes to August. “And you?”

“I like it fine right here in Vegas.” His eyes roam over me, settling on my breasts for a moment before coming back to meet mine. He gives me an impish grin. “The scenery is fantastic.”

Cage and August order drinks. We make small talk and flirt, laying down enough sexual innuendo there’s no doubt how this evening is going to end.

When I get near the bottom of my martini, August asks, “Would you like another?”

I shake my head. “I usually only drink one. I don’t like my senses to be dulled.”

He nods, touches my arm with the back of a knuckle, then runs it lightly over my skin, causing me to shiver. “Just how adventurous are you, Elena?”

My mouth goes dry, but I manage to reply, “Very. What did you have in mind?”

August cuts a look toward his buddy, then gives his attention back to me. “Are you interested in taking us both on at the same time?”

While I’ve done a lot of dirty stuff in the sex club, I’ve never been with two men at the same time. I’ve been fucked by more than one man in the same evening, but I’ve never had two inside my body at once. I’m not going to lie—I get wet thinking about it. There’s not a shred of guilt anymore. It’s been fully replaced with burning lust.

“I think I would like to give it a try,” I murmur. My intention isn’t to come off coy, but it does just the same.

“Anal?” August asks for clarity. “Can you take my cock there?”

My mouth goes even drier. I lick at my lips, giving a short nod.

“Both of us at the same time?” he pushes, making sure we are clear on my boundaries. “Cage will take your pussy while I take your ass.”

I start to agree, but something in the corner of my eye catches my attention. Shocked, I whip around, my brows shooting up when Benjamin steps up beside me. He’s glaring with a ferocity I’ve never seen before, and it’s directed at August and Cage.

He only gives them a moment before his hot eyes land on me. In a clipped tone, he snaps, “Elena.”

“Benjamin,” I reply curtly, then start to turn away from him.

But his words stop me cold. “You didn’t waste much time.”

It’s an uncalled-for accusation, and I whirl on my seat to face him. “You didn’t wait long either.”

With nothing but a blasé shrug, Benjamin orders a bourbon from the approaching bartender. I continue to glare at him, but he ignores me.

So be it.

With as much dignity as I can muster, I rise to grab August and Cage by their hands. “Let’s go get a room.”

“Would you like to invite your friend to come with us?” August asks. The question isn’t issued in a polite way. Instead, it clearly spells out he hadn’t liked the tone Benjamin addressed me with. August uses his words to rub Benjamin’s nose in the fact I’m choosing to go with August and Cage.

Benjamin stares stonily across the room, pointedly ignoring us, but I don’t spare him more than a glance.

“No thank you. I believe the two of you are more than enough to satisfy me.”

I swear I hear a growl from deep within Benjamin, but I don’t acknowledge it as I lead August and Cage away from the bar toward a hallway running along the perimeter of The Silo. From there, we can go into one of the empty glassed-in rooms to fuck on full display for everyone to see.

My heart beats wildly out of control, but it has nothing to do with the fact I’m soon going to let two men inside my body at the same time. Instead, it has everything to do with Benjamin being there to see me.

Clearly, though, he doesn’t give a shit, which hurts more than it should. I wish it would make me want to put on a show just to spite him. Instead, it’s only causing me to have major doubts.

As soon as we are in the room with the door closes behind us, August makes his move. He steps up to me, frames my face with his hands, and gives me a deep, searing kiss. Trying to relax, I force myself to melt into his embrace.

Cage comes up behind me, his hands going to my hips. The material of my dress starts to snake upward, and cool air hits my ass.