His mouth goes to my neck where he gives a not-so-subtle bite, one of his hands dropping between my legs.

Suddenly, the door flies open. While Cage and August do nothing but flick lazy, nonchalant glances that way, I jolt as if a lightning bolt has speared through me.

Standing in the doorway, looking like an enraged bull, is Benjamin. His face is red, his eyes are rolling, and his fists are clutched to the knob on the end of his cane so hard his knuckles are white. He may not have the military experience these two men do, but right now, I get the distinct impression he could take them both with the strength of his fury.

“Get your fucking hands off her right now,” he snarls at the two men caging me in.

Neither man moves. Benjamin steps into the room, then lifts his cane a few inches from the floor before tossing it up about a foot. His hand strikes fast, grabbing it at mid-shaft. With that move, it became a weapon.

I don’t know August well—Cage at all—but if they’re even anything like the other people I know who work for Jameson Force Security, they are usually Special Forces with a healthy dose of alpha-male confidence. I would not expect them to give up the woman standing between them very easily.

“Elena,” August says in a low, calm voice. “What do you want us to do?”

What do I want? Well, I don’t want Benjamin to go down for assault. I have no doubt he’d start cracking heads if they don’t move away from me.

“If you don’t mind,” I reply evenly, never taking my eyes off Benjamin, “I think I’ll take a rain check with you and Cage.”

Benjamin growls and takes a step toward us, rage I’d even suggest rescheduling the threesome flashing in his eyes.

Quickly, I amend, “Actually, I think we’re just going to have to cancel permanently.”

At this point, I’m not saying it to save August and Cage’s hides, but rather… because I only want Benjamin. Relief fills me at his presence—at his caveman-like attitude as he claims me.

I’m still so stunned at his interruption, at his anger at what I was about to do, that I barely even comprehend what he’s doing as he pulls me into his arms. His hand goes to the nape of my neck and he grips a handful of my hair, pulling on it roughly to tip my head up to meet his eyes.

“Nobody fucks you but me,” he murmurs so possessively a tremor shoots up my spine, my legs pressing together to alleviate the surge of lust building there.

Helplessly, I keep my gaze pinned on his, only vaguely sensing August and Cage moving toward the door.

“Don’t,” Benjamin orders, and I’m confused about what he means. Is he talking to me?

But then he swivels his head to pin his gaze on Cage and August.

“Stay and watch. It will be worth it… I promise.”

I drag my eyes from Benjamin to the two men, and I see lustful interest in their expressions. Hope they’ll maybe get a taste.

Benjamin quickly disabuses them. “You aren’t touching her, though.”



I am officially fucked in the head. I’m so furious with Elena for wanting to fuck those two men, and yet at the same time, I’m also turned on by the fact she had wanted to fuck two men. Had wanted to take both at once.

How the fuck can I be turned on by that, yet want to kill the men who had dared to touch her?

Worst of all, why am I even doing this? I’d already cut her loose. I’d determined it was in my best interest, but I’d never felt such relief as I had when she chose me over them.

Elena stares up with soft brown eyes, trusting she’s right where she needs to be. I hate that for her, because I have no clue what I can offer her for a future. Probably nothing outside the walls of this sex club, and I’m a selfish fuck for claiming this.

The door to our room opens, then closes with a soft noise. I assume those two assholes left, but I don’t give a shit. The offer for them to stay and watch had been genuine, but it was more for my benefit than theirs. I wanted them to see what they’d never have.

Elena strains against my grip so she can look that way, but when a growl rumbles deep in my chest she swivels back toward me. My hold on her hair relaxes minutely when she freezes.

“What in the fuck am I doing?” I rasp, hoping to hell she’s got an answer for me because I’m totally lost.

“Apparently, you are claiming what’s already yours.” Her voice is husky with desire, and it’s exactly what I need to hear. I’d been afraid she would say something too intimate like “following your heart” or “seeking happiness”. I would’ve bucked against any response like that. Possibly even walked out the door.

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