Oh, who the fuck am I kidding… I can’t walk away from her.

I’m also not sure if I can give her much more than orgasms, either.

But great sex is going to have to be enough.

Dipping my head, I bring my mouth to hers. She gasps, and I can tell it’s because she was expecting a full onslaught given the fact I’m still buzzing with an anger-fueled energy.

But miraculously, my kiss is sensuously soft—gentle even—as I graze my lips ever so slowly against hers.

Her breath flutters out in a sigh as her arms wrap around my neck. She leans her body into mine, but not in a sexual way. Not even in a submissive way. Instead, it feels like support.

Not that lust is absent. It’s coursing through me like a wildfire, and my cock is hard as granite.

But for right now, it’s enough that Elena—in this moment—is mine.

The cane slips from my fingertips, clattering to the wood floor. After working the knot of her halter-top dress free, I slowly pull it down past her breasts. Slip my thumbs into the edge of the material and push it down her body, squatting as I go. When it moves over her hips, I realize she has no panties on. I can’t help but pause. Press my lips to her smooth pussy before she gracefully steps out of her dress. I ignore her sexy-as-fuck sandals, choosing to let her keep those on as they’ll look beautiful propped on my shoulders.

I straighten, kiss Elena again, and move her toward the bed without breaking the contact. We’re in The Silo, the dirtiest, kinkiest sub-room of The Wicked Horse, yet I have no desire to use any of the sensual props that are widely stocked throughout.

All I want is Elena in her purest form, her beautiful body bare and available to my hands, mouth, body, and cock.

Her legs hit the bed, and I lower her down. She never takes her eyes off me, and I only know this because I can’t take mine off her.

I release my hold on her, straighten once again, and start to remove my clothes. She watches me with keen eyes as I strip layer after layer off my body until I’m completely naked and I’ve got my hardened cock in my hand stroking it.

She seems in a daze for a moment. But when I take a step toward the bed, she moves hastily backward, making room for me.

Her arms come up as she reaches out for me.

One knee to the mattress, a hand by her ribs, and the other to Elena’s face, I cover her body with mine. Her legs spread and wrap around me. My cock instinctively finds her warmth. My hips move as my mouth takes hers again in yet another slow, deep, and consuming kiss. I slide in deep, her wetness a testament to what she feels for me.

A fucking divine validation of how much she wants me.

“Benjamin,” she gasps into my mouth as I hit deep and press hard against her. Christ, that feels way too good.

But I knew it would.

Every time with Elena, it just feels too fucking good. It’s why she’s dangerous. It’s also why I apparently can’t let her go.

There on silken sheets with our mouths fused together, one of her hands tangled in my hair and one of mine holding tightly onto her hip, I fuck her slowly and without a timetable to release. There’s no rush. No people outside the glass with their greedy, lustful eyes on us. I have nowhere else I’d rather be than in this moment of pleasure and sensation.

Knowing deep in my gut even if I’m too fearful to admit it, I might be a little too lost in Elena. There’s a very real chance I’m setting myself up to experience pain again by giving in to this need to be with her.

It’s part of the unwritten club rules that after members have finished fucking in one of the rooms, they are to vacate sooner rather than later. This lets discreet workers come in, clean the place up, and ready it for the next hedonists to enter.

We’ve overstayed our limit for sure, yet I don’t want to pull away from Elena. I came harder than I ever remember having done before. If the ferocity of her scream when she released is any indication, she’s feeling as mellow as I am right now. I’m still on top of her, my cock having already softened and slipped out of her heat. Her hands lazily stroke my back. While I hold most of my weight off her with my forearms into the mattress, my head lays heavy on her breasts.

“Benjamin,” Elena whispers, and I feel her head turn so her lips press briefly to the top of my head. “We should probably get going.”

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