I decide I’m glad he’s not a cuddler because it will be easier to keep him at arm’s length.

I don’t even recall falling asleep last night. We had some fast, amazing sex right on his kitchen counter. My goal had been to distract him from anything too serious, and sex had been the best way to do it. It hadn’t been a hardship since I love everything about having sex with Benjamin. If I had to list my top three favorite hobbies, fucking Benjamin would currently be number one.

After that, we ate dinner at his little kitchen table. It was simple and delicious, and we’d paired it with a bottle of exceptional wine. Conversation had flowed without any real work on our part. That was probably because we skirted anything too deeply personal.

For example, we’d talked about career paths. I was incredibly curious as to what led him to become a doctor, and even more so a neurosurgeon. He’d wanted to know why I’d decided to be a business owner rather than work for someone else. That our careers and levels of income are so incredibly disparate hadn’t entered the conversation, and it had pleasantly surprised me. It seems Benjamin doesn’t care about the fact we’re in different educational and socioeconomic classes. Then again, that might only be because there is nothing between us but sex. It’s not like he has to take me to the country club or a high-powered medical conference where I would be forced to interact with people who are just not like me.

I never had any real belief the date would be over after dinner, even though we’d already had sex. We usually went at it at least two times in an evening, sometimes three. As expected, Benjamin took control, which is what I love the most about him. He’d brought me into his bedroom, which he’d recently furnished with heavy masculine furniture, and we’d done an excellent job of breaking in his new mattress.

And there was nothing vanilla about it. We might not have been at The Wicked Horse, putting on a show for others, or using the abundance of implements and toys available, but we got dirty all the same. For the first time since we’d started sleeping together, Benjamin had claimed my ass. He’d done it after making effective use of a few of his silk ties. He’d tied one arm behind my back, then looped another tie around my head and mouth in a makeshift gag. After some incredible foreplay, which included him giving me two orgasms with his mouth, he put me on my knees, pressed my torso and cheek into the mattress, used his fingers and copious amounts of lube to prepare me, then took my darkest, tightest spot. When his broad cock had filled and stretched me, it had felt both incredible and painful at the same time. I’d loved every second of it.

I shiver, thinking about how he’d taunted me with dirty words. Mostly, he’d been asserting his claim on me. And now he owned every piece of me. He told me he’d wished he had taken my ass for the first time the night Cage and August were watching him, so they’d know exactly what they were missing.

I’d been pinned down by a strong hand in the middle of my back while he’d plundered my ass, yet I’d never felt so wanted, adored, and cared for in my entire life.

Afterward, I’d been wrecked. I remember him taking the ties off. After I flopped onto my stomach, Benjamin disappeared. He’d reappeared moments later with a warm soapy cloth and a towel. His gentleness as he’d cleaned me up had surprised me. When he’d left the second time, I must have fallen asleep.

I’m awake now, though, and the knowledge I’d breached one of the boundaries we’d set by spending the night in his bed rolls over me.

I scan the place Benjamin presumably slept. The covers are messed up, but that doesn’t mean he spent the entire night beside me.

The pressure on my bladder urges me to put those thoughts aside, so I crawl out of bed. After using the bathroom just off the master bedroom, I slip my clothes on, grab my heels, and head into the kitchen.

I find Benjamin sitting at the little table, drinking a cup of coffee. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I note it’s almost seven thirty. When my gaze lands on Benjamin again, I can’t help musing over how incredibly beautiful and yummy he is in a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, his feet bare. He’s bent over his phone reading something, his other hand wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee. I study the fingers that have plundered parts of my body no one has ever touched, marveling at the fact they also perform delicate surgery on spines and brains. Capable in so many ways.

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