My toes curl over the sinfulness within his tone. More than ever, I should go to church because of how much that turns me on.

“Stay with me, Elena,” he says as he gently rubs his bearded cheek against mine. “Let me have you all day. We can watch old movies and eat junk food in bed.”

The naked want in his voice gets to me, and it’s not just about sex. He wants to spend time with me.

“Okay,” I say without any thought. “Let me just text my mom to let her know.”

Benjamin immediately lets go of my hand so I can release his cock, and I roll away from him to nab my phone off the nightstand. Pressing an elbow into the mattress, I put my thumbs to the screen and shoot out a quick text to my mom. Not feeling well this morning. Passing on church. Will call you later.

I hit send without a moment’s regret. While I love going to church—the same one I’ve attended with my family all my life—I don’t feel bad when I miss a service. My relationship with God is personal, and it extends far beyond the walls of the chapel.

I don’t even feel a twinge of guilt I’m forsaking church in favor of spending a day in bed with a man I’m not married to. My God is forgiving and wants me to be happy, and that’s not merely an excuse. I honestly believe it. I’ll gladly accept my penance after confession, because I think Benjamin needs this as much as I do.

I set my phone back on the nightstand, first turning my ringer off because today has now become Benjamin’s and I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. I roll back toward him, only to be met with his mouth. His arms go around me, and his kiss is deep and claiming.

He’s back in my hand again, hard yet silky soft, and I start stroking him leisurely. I’m not in a rush to get him off, and the slow glide of Benjamin’s hand over my lower back tells me he’s not in a rush either.

Lazy kisses, teasing touches, soft sighs. We extend our foreplay far beyond where it’s ever gone before. I stroke his cock to the point where he starts thrusting in my hand before I retreat, then move my hands to his chest. Benjamin fondles between my legs, teasing with whispered touches that have my hips gyrating, then he stops to concentrate only on our kiss.

It seems like hours later, but there comes a time where our breaths are ragged and we’re vibrating with need. When we’re on our sides facing each other, Benjamin pulls me in close. His hand goes to my thigh, and he jacks my leg up past his hip. I reach down, take him in my hand, and guide him to my entrance. We both suck in a breath and hold it as his head breaches my wet pussy and his eyes lock onto mine just before he jams in deep.

“Damn, that feels good,” I moan as my head falls back and my eyes flutter close.

“Perfect,” he groans, then starts to thrust against me.

I just hold on, arms locked around his neck and my breasts pressed flat against his chest. Benjamin holds my leg up high, fingers digging down into me. I feel every inch of his cock claiming me, and I know how easily I can get lost in this man.

Benjamin fucks me thoroughly. He’s come to know my body well. Knows just how deep I can take it and the exact type of touch on my clit to make me explode.

I cling to him as I come, crying out my release, and Benjamin tips right over after me. I love the way he plants deep, spills into me, and shudders in complete ecstasy while murmuring my name.

Oh my… that was so good. My ears are still slightly ringing. Benjamin rolls to his back, taking my weight with him. He locks his arms around me, and he presses his face into my neck while his breathing regulates.

My eyes are heavy, and I love the idea of a lazy day. Falling back asleep only to wake up again to make love. Maybe I’ll take him in my mouth and wake him up next time, or better yet—

“Hola… Elena,” my mother calls out from somewhere near my front door. My bedroom door is closed, but her voice rings through loud and clear because she’s not a soft-spoken woman.

“Holy shit,” I rasp in shock as I roll off Benjamin, protectively bringing the sheet over my breast.

To my horror, my bedroom door opens and there stands my mom.

Five-foot-four inches of Hispanic sass and fire, Irma Costieri stares in wide-eyed shock. Her gaze slides over to Benjamin. I have no clue what he’s doing as I’m terrified to look at him. All I can do is stare at my mother as my entire body flushes with embarrassment.