Until @elencosti89 and I connected on the brand-new fantasy app.

And now my cock is harder than I remember it being in the last several years, and I bet it gets harder yet once I make her come.

I move to the table by the bed, then squat to plug the vibrator into the electrical socket near the baseboard. I place it on the mattress not far from her shoulder and pick the candle back up again. Concentrating on the smooth, olive toned patches of exposed skin among the framework of cooled wax, I splash more of the fiery substance onto her skin. I peel off the hardened pieces over her nipple before dripping more onto them. My cock pulses in response to her moans of pleasure and the way in which her hips keep thrusting upward. When she spreads her legs wantonly, it tells me it’s time to move on.

I get rid of the wax, take the vibrator in hand, and hold it at the ready. Sitting on the mattress at the woman’s hip, I press my free hand to the warmth of her pussy. The woman groans, digs her heels into the mattress, and pushes against me. With a short turn of my wrist, I’m able to slip my middle finger into her.

The heat and wetness sucking at my finger causes my balls to tighten painfully and for the first time in forever, I’m looking forward to coming.

I deftly flip the switch on the vibrator and the hum of its powerful little engine whirring causes the woman’s head to tilt toward it. She goes still again, despite my finger jammed in deep, then starts to tremble as I move the toy closer.

Ever so slowly, I bring it right to where her clit is hiding under soft bare skin, then press the bulbous, twitching head to her.

I’m stunned when she screams in graphic pleasure, her hips shooting wildly off the bed and she comes harder than I’ve ever seen before. Faster than I’ve ever seen. Her muscles contract onto my finger, holding me tight within her, and her entire body shakes with the explosion.

My mouth parts slightly in astonishment at how responsive she is—all from a little hot wax and anticipation.

Once again, her feet dig into the mattress, legs falling open, and she grinds upward into the vibrator as she seeks more.

I press it harder onto her, enough to drive her back down, before I pull my finger out and insert three back in to fuck her with them. She starts a keening whine, wanting to come again and before I know it, she’s doing just that.

Another orgasm—not as long lasting but hitting her so hard her toes curl and her arms yank hard at the ropes while her head thrashes.

Spectacularly beautiful.

I flip the vibrator off and toss it carelessly to the floor, not caring if it breaks. I’m done with it for the evening.

Crawling onto the bed, I push her legs farther apart and settle in between them. I fumble with my pants, eager to get my cock out. It’s throbbing, leaking, and so hard I’m almost afraid of what this is going to feel like.

I’m fully clothed, but I don’t give a fuck. All I care about is sinking into that slick, dark hole of @elencosti89 and fucking my brains out within her. There’s no need for a condom. We both chose to get medical exams so we could have the fully bare experience. Again, I wanted to feel something.

I position the head of my dick to her, putting my hands to the back of her thighs to help raise and spread her legs even more. I glance upward at the woman, able to see just her lips and chin. She’s got her perfectly white, straight teeth dug down into her lower lip.

Fuck, that’s hot.

There’s no entering her gently, but it doesn’t matter. She said I could do whatever I wanted to her. Said I could fuck her anywhere and as roughly as I wanted. I have no guilt as I punch my hips forward and slam deep inside.

She finally breaks the rule of no speaking by whispering one word. “Yes.”

I can’t even admonish her. It feels too fucking good to have her pussy grip me, and my hips start to move.

I know I won’t last long, and I don’t care if she comes again. She’s got two under her belt.

Roaming my gaze all over her wax-covered body, I fuck @elencosti89 and I fuck her hard. Her tits bounce around, and she moans when I hit her deep. She even comes again, catching me by surprise and making my balls pull upward for release.

Ruthlessly, I plunge into her heat and wetness over and over again, not caring if I hurt her, only caring about the storm brewing deep within me. It’s like a funnel cloud twirling, tightening, pulling me in.

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