Page 13 of Thief (Breeding 3)

The plan is in motion, and it will be perfect. It has to be or I’ll lose everything.

Leaving the bank, I head over to Heavy’s strip club. It shouldn’t be too bad on a Friday during the day, but with the way he runs his shit, I’m sure it will be just as gross.

Heavy texted me this morning after my incident with Nick. No doubt he wants to talk about it. He says this meeting is for everyone to finalize plans for Monday morning, but it’s directed at me. He wants to make sure I’ve secured Tessa, while making sure I’m not a threat.

Heavy isn’t dumb; he knows something is going on, but I don’t think he’s figured out what my real goal is for this job.

I send a text to Tessa as I pull up to the front of the club.

Me: My cookie wasn’t half as sweet as your lips.

Tessa: Thank you for getting me one, but I’ll have to take your word for it.

Me: Trust me, little fox.

Tessa: Stop making me blush!

Me: Never. Get back to work, and think about where I’m taking you tonight.

I slip my phone into my jeans and try to wipe the smile off my face as I get out of the car and head into the club.

I walk through the double doors and make my way past the front bar and beyond the stage. There are a few girls dancing for a couple of guys. The loud music thumping through the room makes a knot form in my stomach, and I just keep reminding myself, only a few more days.

As I open the door to the private room, I see Heavy sitting in one of the armchairs, getting sucked off by one of the strippers. Jesus, can I walk in here once without someone’s dick out?

Two of his men are tag-teaming another dancer in the back corner, while two more play cards off to the side like nothing is happening.

I stand there and cross my arms, waiting for this to end so we can get to business. At least this made the hard-on I’d had in my jeans since being with Tessa finally go away.

As I scan the room, I see the bathroom door is open. Nick walks out, rubbing his nose, trying to wipe away the white powder. He looks at me and leers. He’s jealous of me and the fact that I don’t have to do any of this shit to do what I do. I may be a criminal, but I don’t have to be a piece of shit. Somehow the concept of breaking the law and still being somewhat a decent human being is incomprehensible to him.

I raise my chin, letting him know I’m here and I’m waiting. Just then, Heavy grunts and holds the stripper’s head back while he cums on her face. The sight of his tiny dick getting off is embarrassing, but for some reason, he thinks this makes him look powerful.

Needing to look away, I turn my body around and pull out my phone. A text from Tessa makes me warm inside and washes away some of the dirty filth surrounding me. When I read her text, though, my heart drops a little.

Tessa: I can’t tonight. I’m sorry. I have plans already and can’t break them. Tomorrow?

Me: You know how to keep a guy begging. You working tomorrow?

Tessa: Nope. Off all day.

Me: Then I want you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“That fat chick playing hard to get?”

I turn around to see Nick leaning against the table as everybody finishes up with the strippers and sends them out of the room. He didn’t see my messages, so he must just assume she turned me down like she turned him down. I think it burns him that Tessa would never give him the time of day. He’ll take any hit at her to make himself feel better.

I don’t respond; I just stare him down. It’s the fool in the room who speaks most often, and I’m going to let Nick prove to the group just what a fucking idiot he is. I take a seat at the table next to the guys playing cards and wait for Heavy to join us.

“It’s okay if she turned you down, Sparrow. Girl like that doesn't know how to act when someone talks to her. Bet that pussy hasn’t even had a good fucking yet.”

My hands are resting on my legs, and I lean back in my chair, as cool as I could possibly be. Inside is another story, though. Inside, I’m ripping his flesh from his bones, and his screams are a beautiful melody to my ears. But on the outside, I don’t so much as flinch as he talks about my girl. He knows my warning earlier was good, but I’m not stupid enough to make a move with five of his guys in the room willing to take his back. Even if they know he’s wrong, they wouldn’t take my side.

“Makes my dick hard just thinking about it. Hey, maybe I’ll offer to fuck her tonight when we’re out for drinks. Break her in a little bit for you.”

He rubs his hand over his crotch and gives me a disgusting smirk.

Placing my hand on the table in front of me, I lean forward on my forearms and let out a little laugh. It’s bitter and clipped, but he’s pissed I’m mocking him.

“Really, Nick? Because from what I heard from her friend, she said all that shit you’re putting up your nose is causing a few problems in the bedroom.” I have no idea if I’m right, but by the look on his face, and the laughter through the room, I’ve hit my target.

Nick is embarrassed in front of his crew, and I can see how angry that makes him. His pride is his weakness, and it’s going to be his downfall. He reaches into his jacket—for a weapon, I assume— but I just lean back in my chair, smiling, as Heavy approaches us and takes the head of the table.

“Sit down, Nick. We’ve got business.”

Heavy looks me over and then looks at Nick, and I see that he decides to go ahead and not bring up the situation earlier today, no doubt thinking that his side of the story was probably less than truthful.