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“Yeah, he’s blowing up your phone, isn’t he?”

“He’s working.”

“Takes two seconds to send a text.”

She’s right. It only takes a second to respond. Maybe he’s in a meeting. That doesn’t count for last night, though. I kept thinking I’d get a good night text or something, but all I got was radio silence. Until this morning when I had to send him one.

“I’m not trying to be a bitch,” she adds, and I almost want to laugh. No, she doesn’t have to try to be a bitch, it’s always there. “Just enjoy it for what it was, a weekend of fun, and let it go. I bet he gave you some great orgasms. You could have one just looking at him.”

I glare at her, thankful that the train has stopped and it’s our turn to get off. I don’t wait for her as I make my way off the train and towards the bank.

When I get there, I quickly open the doors to the bank and turn off the alarms. “Get the front ready. I’m dropping stuff in my office, and then we need to get the quarterly shipment ready. The armored truck will be here soon.”

I don’t wait for her to respond.

When I get to my desk, I pull my phone out. There’s still nothing from Sean, and I’ve had enough. I’ve got nothing to lose, so fuck it.

Me: I love you.

Chapter 18


Our van pulls up to the back of the bank, and we park. We’ve got about ten minutes before the truck pulls up to go into the bank and take the shipment.

“I want everybody calm. We’ve got this all planned out. We stick exactly to the plan, no matter what happens. If the cops show up, you guys know the exit strategy. We all clear?”

I’m in the back of the van with seven guys. One of them is the driver, and another is staying with him to guard the van. Five of us are going into the bank, and it’s going to be tight as we’re down one person. The guy who got himself shot in the club was supposed to be another lookout, we’ll just have to be extra careful.

“Everybody check your weapons and make sure they’re good to go. Remember, nobody shoots. I don’t want any gunfire inside. Clear?”

I pass out the guns, making sure everyone is armed. I don’t like going in guns blazing, and the quieter we keep this, the easier our getaway. But we’ll need them inside to get everyone’s attention.

“Masks,” I say, checking my watch. It’s almost showtime.

The crew pull down their ski masks and do as they’re told. I reach up to pull mine down, but as I do, I catch Nick’s eyes. He’s giving me a cold stare as he pulls his down, and seeing him with only his eyes showing is menacing. Something is coming, I can feel it. Instinct has kept me alive all these years, and I need to watch my back today.

As I finish pulling my mask down, I see the armored car pull up. Just a few more moments and we’re in.

The guards are the same ones that come each quarter, and I know their routine. The staff inside is at a minimum, and this is the best time to do this to limit casualties.


I stop that thought before it starts. I can’t go there yet. Not yet. I have to get through this and then make her forgive me. I can do it. I can be strong enough to get us through this.

“Everybody on my mark. Silent, and follow the plan.”

I wait just a beat, watching from a few yards away as the guards exit the truck and put in the dual codes. Once the bay is all the way open, it begins.

I take a deep breath. “Now.”

The five of us exit the back of the van, guns held up and trained on the guards.

“Drop your weapons. Step away from the door.” The codes have been entered, and the alarms have been turned off. So far, so good.

The two guards do as we say. Two of my men approach them, take their weapons, and secure them.

One of my men goes to the armored truck and takes the driver out from behind the wheel. He secures him, taking his weapon and zip-tying him up.

When we have the three guards bound and gagged, we pull them into the bay door and off to the side. One of my men stays with them to keep guard while four of us proceed inside.

We make our way silently down the hallway to the front of the bank. It’s still just under an hour before the first customer arrives, but the vault has been opened, and the money inside is ready for shipment.

As we continue to the end of the hall, Paul, one of Heavy’s men, moves up to lead the group.

We reach the end of the hall, and he looks back to give us the signal. He holds up three fingers counting down to one, and we all rush forward.

“Hands up where we can see them. Everybody out here on the ground.”

My eyes immediately look for Tessa, and I see her in the doorway of her office. Harper lets out a scream, but other than that, it’s silent.

Tessa stands there, frozen, but after blinking a few times, she holds up her hands and lies on the ground. Harper sees her and starts crying, then follows suit. Another teller stands in shock, and one of my men goes over, pulling her out from behind the teller line and making her lie face down with the others.

Paul turns and points to me, Nick, and the other guy, Brian. He nods towards the vault, keeping his weapon trained on the three women as we carry out the rest of the plan.

So far, so good.

I take the keys to the vault door out of my pocket and let the three of us in. Brian and Nick go to the inner vault to take the cash while I stand guard and cut the lines for the alarms inside the main vault.

Or so they think.

I wait until I hear them in the back, bagging up the cash and loading it onto the dolly in the vault. We’re planning on taking this out the same way the guards were, keeping it as easy as possible.