Page 40 of Thief (Breeding 3)

I’ve met the people who live here and help maintain the island, and I also met Sal.

I could tell from the very first moment that I met him how much he cared for Sean, and that made me love him instantly. I also see where Sean gets some of his charm. Sal kept hitting on one of the women who helps keep the house up. I wanted to tell the woman she didn’t have a chance, but learning is half the fun when it comes to men like them.

Sean rolls over and lays his head on my stomach while I run my fingers through his hair.

“How many do you want?” he asks, and I don’t even have to ask to know what he is talking about.

“I say we start with one and see how it goes.” I hadn’t really given much thought to having kids before Sean. Sure, I knew I wanted them one day…

“I want two,” he says lazily, like he’s picturing it in his head. In my mind I can see a little girl with her father’s eyes. The thought makes my heart squeeze. A little child—a perfect mix of both of us. I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful: both of us getting the family we always wanted, a family that would be filled with so much love I’m not sure this island could hold it all.

“Two sounds nice.” I agree. I wonder how we’ll handle things on the island with children, but I’m sure Sean already has everything mapped out. If there’s one thing I know about him, he’s always three steps ahead.

It’s a comforting thought, to know he’s already making plans to keep us safe and happy.

“I don’t care if it’s boy or girl, or what order they come in. I know I just always wanted a sibling.” The words don’t sound regretful. Maybe they would have at one time for him, but now we have a family. No need to long for one because it’s already here. For all we know, one might be growing in my belly right now.

“Me too. But that could’ve made it hard to be swept away to your private little love island.” That’s probably the easiest part of this whole thing. We aren’t leaving anything behind. There are no wishes for our lives before, or what could have been. We both had nothing to stay for. I had asked Sean to make sure Harper was taken care of. She might not have been a good friend, but she had moments, and I didn’t like the idea of her hurt. He’d just smiled at me and said he was happy I still had that sweetness inside me. He was happy he hadn’t washed it away from me.

“Ours,” he says, talking about the island. He closes his eyes, enjoying my fingers running through his hair.

“Oh, yes, I forgot that I’m married,” I say dryly. I had only found out I was married yesterday, along with finding out my new identity. His eyes pop open and narrow on me.

“You don’t want to be married to me?” His eyebrows furrow, and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from smiling at the half-scowl, half-pout on his face. I can already see our children pulling that look, too.

“Guess you’ll never know. What’s done is done.” I push a little more, intentionally trying to get him worked up. I like to get him going. It always turns out so delicious when I do.

Before I know it he’s flipping me, and I land right on his lap, so I’m straddling him, almost nose to nose.

“Say you want to be married to me.” He grip my hips, his fingers digging in. I give him a half-smirk.

“I want to be married to you.”

“Damn right, you do,” he growls, before taking my mouth in a deep hungry kiss. He flips me over onto my back as he rubs his hard cock against the thin material of my swimsuit.

“You like your ring, little fox?” he asks after he pulls back.

“Ring?” Then I feel it on my finger. A smile spreads across my face as I realize he just slipped a wedding ring on my finger out of nowhere. This guy is some kind of crazy magician, but he’s utterly adorable about it.

“I love it,” I whisper against his lips, still smiling from ear to ear.

“You didn’t even look.”

“Don’t have to. You put it there. It’s perfect.”

Flipping me again so I’m on top of him, he grabs a hold of my hips, and my hands land on his chest to keep me upright. My eyes land on the ring. The sparkle is nearly blinding in the sunlight. Just like I thought: perfect.

It’s a round diamond on a gold band, but the rock is enormous—big enough to scare birds away. My man is always making a statement.

“You can’t flip me around like this when I finally get knocked up.” I’m not sure how he does it now. I’m not a tiny girl, but he’s pretty big himself. He carries me around like I weigh absolutely nothing, and it makes me feel so small and delicate. He also bought me only bikinis to wear, so even if I am shy about my curves, he gave me no choice but to show them off.

“I just want you on your throne” He emphasizes what he means by dragging me across his cock and staring up at me.

I never thought I’d be this girl. In a two-piece on top of her man, laid out on a beach, and not one insecurity eating at me. My man loves every part of me.

“I’ll proudly sit upon this throne.”

“That a good thing, little fox, because your sweet married ass is going to be on it a lot until I plant my baby in you.”

“What are you waiting for?” I ask, before leaning down and taking his lips with mine.

Chapter 25


I walk into our master bathroom, looking for Tessa. We were lying out on the beach earlier, and I’d had enough of looking at her in that tiny bikini. I needed to get it off her and bury my face between her legs.