Page 45 of Thief (Breeding 3)

“Just like his mommy.”

Sal and Marie are bursting with joy when they’re finally allowed back to see us. I think Sal even shed a few tears when we told him the name, the big guy melting into a pile of mush.

Our little family might be far from traditional, but it’s damn near bursting with love.



Six months later…

“You’re not wearing that.” Sean’s sitting in the corner chair, his legs outstretched in his jeans, and his plain white T-shirt makes the tattoos on his arms stand out. When I lie in bed at night, I always find myself tracing his newest one. It’s my name, and he plans on getting Marcus’s name, too.

“This is the third one I’ve tried on. Everything else I have is more beach-dress and not a night-out-dress.” I give him my best pout.

I really don’t think it’s that showy. The bottom part is flowy, stopping mid-thigh, but the top hugs my breasts. It gives me a perfect, curvy, hourglass shape. I’d ordered multiple dresses a few months back and called them my ‘goal dresses’ for after I had the baby. They’re now fitting perfectly, which only makes me more excited about our first date night on the main island since we had little Marcus. I love him to pieces, but I’m so okay with leaving him with Marie and Sal for the night. Hell, Marie taught me everything I know about having a baby.

He growls, standing up from his chair, and I know what’s coming. I dart for the bathroom, trying to close the door, but he’s way faster than me. Before I know it, my ass is planted on the bathroom counter, my skirt bunched around my waist, and my underwear pulled to the side.

“Take me out,” he snarls, staring down at my pussy.

I quickly do as I’m told, getting more turned on by the second. When his cock springs free, he grabs it and rubs it against my clit.

“Oh, God,” I moan. His mouth crashes down on mine as he works his cock back and forth on my clit, picking up speed. There are no slow teases. He’s not dragging this out. It’s clear Sean is on a mission to cum sooner rather than later.

“Have you tried on all these dresses for me? Got me so fucking hard thinking about taking it off you when we get home tonight. But knowing you’d be walking around for people to see you like this, that has me having a whole other feeling.” He pulls away from my mouth, looking down at me while he continues to stroke his cock against my clit.

I’m only catching about every other word he’s saying.

“You’re going to let me mark your pussy. That way I know when you’re walking around with me tonight, I’m all over this sweet little cunt. That it’s mine. Only mine.”

The pressure on my clit and the dirty picture he describes make me cum instantly, his possessive words sending me over the edge.

“Say it,” he grunts, and I feel his release start to spill onto me.

“Only yours,” I moan, as he continues to rub himself across my clit, milking both our orgasms. He uses the head of his cock to smear his cum around, making sure my pussy is covered in it before pulling my panties back into place.

He tucks himself back into his pants and pulls me off the counter.

“All better?” I tease, looking up at him.

“It helped, but only tonight will tell.”

I turn to look in the mirror and see my lipstick is smudged.

“I’m going to need another five minutes,” I tell him as he stands behind me, looking at him in the mirror. He moves in closer, moving my hair off one shoulder, kissing me there before taking a light bite.

“Why? You look well loved by your man. Nothing fucking hotter than that.”

I have to agree.

Needless to say, it still takes us another hour before we finally make it to the main island and to our dinner reservations.

The food was good but not as good as Marie’s. But it’s nice to be out, just the two of us. I drink champagne, almost killing half a bottle by myself.

“I’m going to have to pump and dump,” I say. Sean pulls me from my chair and leads me out of the restaurant to our next spot.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that when we get home.”

My pussy clenches at his words, knowing what he means. Sean can’t seem to get enough of my breasts since I’ve had Marcus.

“We could skip dancing and go home,” I suggest, wanting him to make good on his word. I rub up against him a little, not caring we’re in the middle of the street. The champagne made me a little bold.

“You said dinner and dance. That’s what I’m giving you, little fox.”

I smile up at him, getting on my tiptoes to get a kiss. He leans down, meeting me. The kiss is soft and only lasts a few seconds.

“We’re here,” he says, pulling me into a little bar.

A live band is playing, and people are already dancing even though it’s a little early.

Sean finds us a table in the corner and orders us both a drink before pulling me onto the dance floor and holding me close as a slow song fills the bar.

“I love you,” he whispers in my ear.

“I love you, too.”

He pulls me even closer, holding me tight.

“Never knew I could be this happy. Hell, this fucking lucky.”

“You did this, Sean. You made all this happen for us. You fought for us even when I fought against us.”

“Don’t say that,” he says quickly. “All of this is nothing without you. You’re the heart of it all.”