I cry out in pleasure, twitching and spasming, sucking him in deeper.

He growls and pounds into me harder. Fucking me like a man gone mad.

Another orgasm rocks through me, then another.

I can’t stop coming.

I just keep exploding; I keep getting swept away in wet waves of bliss.

I’m not even aware of him reaching his own climax at first. I’m just suddenly full of warmth and he’s roaring out that I’m his.

I’m fucking his.

His thrusting slows and his head falls forward, forehead leaning against my neck. His breathing is loud, uneven. My lungs struggle to take in air and my throat is raw.

It takes a few minutes for me to catch my breath.

With a groan, he pulls himself out of me and then presses a small kiss against my neck.

His weight and heat disappear, leaving me cold and shivering. I start to roll over but he stops me by grabbing me and pulling me once more into his chest. His body curls around mine and the blanket is pulled up, tucked around my shoulders.

Arms locking around me, I feel trapped.

All at once it’s like a bucket of ice water has been dumped on me as the euphoria wears off.

Fuck, I didn’t just do that.



Christ on a fucking pogo stick, that was the most amazing sex. Her pussy was so fucking perfect for my cock that I’m positive we were made for each other. This is fate. I was meant to have this fucking woman.

She’s mine, there’s no doubt in my mind about that.

The way her body crushes back against mine as we fall back into slumber feels as if I am completing something. I don’t know what, but something.

I wake again to the sound of my phone buzzing on top of the nightstand. Glancing at the screen, I check the time and sigh quietly.

Swiping it open to accept the call, I say quietly, “Wait.”

Slipping my arm out from underneath Lilith I get out of bed as smoothly as I can. No sense in waking her up at six in the morning. I don’t know what time she will get up to get the kids to school today, but it’s probably not as early as six.

Putting the phone up to my ear I walk out of the bedroom and down the hall, I ask, “What is it?”

“Matthew, we have a small problem from last night with Mickey,” Simon says to me.

“What’s the problem? Is this seriously something you couldn’t handle? You know I’m busy right now.”

“Detective Sommers intercepted him as he stumbled into the precinct last night with his hand bleeding all over the floor. The fucking piece of shit wants to try and rat us out.”

“For fucking what?” I growl out.

The lights are dark in the hallway and I try to keep my voice from rising. It wouldn’t be a good idea to wake the kids. They don’t know what their new world is yet. “It’s not as if he knows much more than who we are, and how much money he owes us.”

“He was willing to point you out in a lineup with myself and Andrew. He wanted to pin you for snipping his finger off.”

“That fat fucking shit,” I curse.

I stop outside of a partially closed door and peek in. A little blonde-haired girl is sleeping in there. With the way her body is sprawled out, she reminds me of a little broken doll.

Stepping past her door I stop at the next one. Yep, this one is a boy. He is sleeping just like his sister, but he has a small green dragon under his arm. His face, though, looks so severe and serious even when he is sleeping. Good.

“What did Sommers do with him?” I ask as I walk towards the stairs.

Time to take a tour of the house, see what kind of people live here.

“The smart thing, he yanked him out of the building and to his personal car. Quieted him down enough to try and explain the reality to him. Sommers says it isn’t working though.”

“He’s seventy-five thousand in the hole. I don’t imagine he’ll be able to pay off the debt now that he is behaving the way he is.”

“I agree, at this point he has become deadweight.”

“What about his wife and family?” I ask.

All around me the house is very neat and tidy. The toys put up, the chairs and couches thick and comfortable. Lilith’s touch can be seen throughout the house. Little feminine touches here and there.

“There are no children, his wife is a fat middle aged homemaker. She most likely has no idea her husband is in so much debt.”

Lilith has pictures of her and the children all throughout the house. Sometimes Marshall is in them but more often than not he isn’t. I get the feeling he doesn’t spend much time here with his family.

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