“Awww, you say bad word!” The little girl giggles as she darts between Paul’s legs.

Looking down at her sticky looking face, I take a step backward. My eyes look up to Paul. “What’s happening here?”

“Well… Sir…” He lifts his hands up in a surrendering gesture. “Evelyn’s mother let her loose on me.”

Sighing, I nod my head. Looking down at the girl who is staring at me wide-eyed, I ask, “Where is your mother, dear?”

Pointing through the house, towards the kitchen, she looks up at Paul and slaps him right in the balls. A whimper comes out of him as his eyes cross.

“My god!” he shouts out as he looks up at the ceiling.

Bending down to pick up the little girl in my arms, I think—good for her. She needs to know how to defend herself.

“It’s your penance, Paul. All those late nights with dubious women.”

I carry the little girl in my arms as she wraps one arm around my neck. Sitting there, she asks, “You gonna say bad words again?”

“No, not right now. Maybe if I get really mad. I use a lot of them.”

“I’m gonna tell mommy if you do,” she says in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Well, I’m the boss here, dear. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.”

Walking into the kitchen, she giggles as I set her down, saying, “No, I’m the boss.”

I see Lilith in her baggy sweatpants and way oversized t-shirt. She can’t be aware of how sexy she is standing there with her hip cocked to the side as she talks quietly with her son. He looks far more upset than the little girl I just had in my arms.

Fuck, I didn’t think I had a thing for MILF’s but I do looking at her ass pushed out there, her sexy waist barely hidden in the baggy pants.

Turning to see what’s happening, the profile of her face stirs a possessive hunger deep down in my loins. I can feel my cock wanting to stir from the memories of this morning.

Her toned ass slamming back against my hips as I buried myself deep inside of her.

Being possessive is nothing new for me, but I can feel how fast she is becoming an obsession for me.

Fuck, if the children weren’t present right now I would order the house cleared just to take her right there on the counter. Push her chest down on the countertop as I rip her panties away before I thrust my fat cock deep into her tight pussy. Slap her ass as I slam in as deep as I can.

She turns fully to me and her full lips turn into a frown as she spots me. “Oh.”

Taking my suit jacket off, I fold it over one of the chairs next to the island.

Looking between her and Adam, I ask, “Am I interrupting anything?”

Nodding her head, she says, “Yes. Adam was asking why we moved from our home to here.”

Looking to Adam, I say, “This is your new home, Adam.”

His eyes go wide as he looks to his mother. “Who is he mom?”

Sighing, Lilith turns so she can face us both. “This is Luci—”

Cutting off in the middle, she looks right at me. Hmm, I guess I haven’t told her my full name. “I’m Matthew Harper, Adam,”

“Do you live here too?” he asks.

He’s a serious boy, I can tell. His eyes have that worldly old man quality to them. He isn’t as trusting as it appears his sister is.

Taking a moment, I stare at him. He’s going to be far more curious of what is happening.

How would I have wanted to be spoken to at his age, if something like this happened to me? He is going to be harder to win over, and if I’m going to be able to get Lilith to fully accept this situation I need to ensure both children are on my side.

“This is our home now. As your mother and I have come to an agreement, it’s yours as well.”

“What about my old house?”

“That belongs to Marshall…” Taking a moment to think, I say, “How about this? Tomorrow, you and I will sit down in our office after I get home and go over every question you have. I want you to think of everything you can.” Looking at his hands, I ask, “Can your write yet?”

“A little. It’s still very shaky.”

“Okay. You will write down all of your questions and we will go over them together. Just you and I. I want you used to having me around all the time.”

Unlike his father, I think to myself.

Looking from his mother to me, he looks more confused now than scared. “Okay.”

I look back to Lilith and her small frown has turned to a look of frustration. I ask, “How was your day?”

Leaning in, I kiss her on the cheek briefly while I take a deep breath of her. She smells so good, it’s a heady type of smell, almost hypnotic.

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