Unfortunately, she closes her little eyes as soon as I have her tucked underneath her blanket and she’s asleep within seconds. I suppose all the excitement of the day wore her out.

Too bad I’m not just as tired. I feel wide awake and wired, like I’ve been caffeinated.

Still, I lay beside her in the bed for a long time. Reluctant to make my way to Lucifer. Reluctant to be alone with him again.

I stare at the ceiling, reliving my day. It’s all so weird it hardly feels real. Did all of that really happen, or am I going crazy?

Maybe this is all some kind of nightmare and I’ll wake up in bed beside Marshall.

But then, wouldn’t that be a different kind of nightmare?

Finally, after I’ve been in bed with Evelyn for at least an hour I can lie still no more, I press one last kiss to her forehead, slide out of her bed and pick my heels off the floor.

Barefoot, I pad quietly down the carpeted hallway, hoping Lucifer is not waiting for me behind that bedroom door. If I’m lucky, I’ve taken so long he grew bored or tired.

Taking a deep breath, I steel myself and turn the handle. The door swings open easily and I step inside.

Lucifer is sitting on the edge of the massive canopy bed that dominates the room, bent over my phone.

His head pops up as I step inside. “Close the door.”

God, I really don’t want to be alone with him, and it’s not because I don’t trust him… it’s because I don’t trust myself.

Lucifer lowers my phone to his lap and repeats, “Close the door, Lilith.”

I push back at the door in frustration and it slams shut a little louder than I intended. I wince at the sound and Lucifer’s icy eyes narrow.

He spreads his legs a little. “Come here.”

My body freezes and I just can’t bring myself to take that first step forward even though there’s something in his voice that tugs at me, that makes me want to obey him. “I thought we were going to talk?”

“Come here, Lilith,” Lucifer demands again.

There’s that tug again. A string inside me tightens.

I shake my head. I can’t…

“Lilith,” he growls impatiently.

My fingers relax and I drop my heels to the floor.

“I’m getting tired of repeating myself.”

I shake my head again.

“Don’t make me come get you.”

Fuck. If I run will he chase me down?

He rises from the bed in one smooth movement and my fight or flight instincts kick in. Before I even realize what I’m doing, I’m spinning around, pulling open the door.

He’s on top of me before I get across the threshold. There just wasn’t enough space between us to give me a good head start.

Grabbing me by the hips, he yanks me back and slams the door. There’s a moment where my feet leave the floor then I’m roughly pressed up against the door, my cheek pushed against the wood.

He growls into my ear as he grinds his hips into my ass.

Fuck, I think what I did turned him on. I can feel something hard rubbing against me.

“That wasn’t a very smart decision,” he sighs and I feel his teeth nipping at the back of my neck.

“Please,” I whine and stiffen. That nip at my neck sends a jolt of sensation straight to my core.

My mind and body are at war.

I know he’s an awful despicable person, despite how kind he’s been with the children, and I’m afraid this is all some sick twisted game to him.

We’re only safe here until he gets bored with us or something better comes along.

“Please, what?” he asks, his breath hot against the wet spot he left on my neck.

“Please, let us go.”

He grinds his hips hard into my ass and says coldly, “No.”

“Why?” I cry out in despair.

His hips let up and he pulls away, and I feel this wild hope that he’s going to let me go. But then he grabs me by the hips and spins me around to face him.

He pushes me back and the palms of my hands slap against the door.

He leans forward, caging me in with his arms. Head bending down, his forehead nearly touches my forehead as he stares into my eyes and says, “Because I don’t want to.”

Staring into his eyes is like staring into the abyss. There’s a power in them that’s sucking out my fight. My will.

It’s becoming harder and harder to remain strong.

“You can’t do this,” I say weakly.

His lips curve into a smug smile. “I can.”

That smugness immediately makes me bristle with pent-up anger. I need the anger, desperately. I need the fire of rage to protect my heart. “What gives you the right?”

His eyes drop to my lips. “I have the right of might. I can do anything I want.”

As if to prove his point, his lips press against my lips and he kisses me hard and deep as if he’s trying to devour my mouth.

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