Now I know why he’s called Lucifer, because he’s an evil, evil man…

“Yours,” I say softly, so softly.

Fingers clutching the sheet, my back arches and my hips rock up, trying to guide his tongue to where I need it.

Growling, he grabs me by the hips firmly and pins me back down to the bed.

“You’re so fucking sweet,” he says huskily, the vibrations of his voice driving me crazy.

I want those little vibrations just a little higher but just as his tongue almost touches my clit he quickly licks back down.

I throw my head back and cry out in frustration.

He chuckles and repeats his question. “Whose pussy is this, Lily?”

“Yours,” I grit out from between my teeth.

The tip of his tongue very lightly flicks against my clit. “Tell me.”

I want to move my hips but his grip tightens on them. Tears of frustration sting my eyes. I don’t want to give in to him. I don’t. I don’t want to yield, and I sure as hell don’t want to submit, but my body is making it too difficult to resist him.

Maybe if I wasn’t so sexually frustrated… Maybe if I had gotten to enjoy sex more than once a year, I’d have the strength or the fortitude to stand up to him.

But I don’t.

I just don’t have it.

I’m a weak, pitiful woman.

“It’s yours,” I whisper and it feels like I just ripped myself open.

“What is?” I hear him suck in a deep breath then he’s blowing a jet of hot air directly on my clit.

“My pussy,” I whine, my back arching.

“Whose pussy is this?”

“Your pussy!” I cry out and all at once I experience heaven.

His hot mouth completely covers my clit and sucks hard on it.

I’m so wet, so hot, all my bones turn to liquid.

Yes. I needed this. I needed this push to let go. I needed this excuse to surrender, to give up, even if it’s only for a moment.

Bliss, pure bliss flows through my veins. My blood is like lava; so hot it’s nearly boiling as it pumps straight to my sex.

My thighs lock around his head and he just keeps sucking and sucking. The throbbing is eased but it’s replaced by the most delicious pressure. His hands grab my thighs. His fingers dig into my skin as he spreads me wide open.

He growls and makes all these deep noises in his throat as he devours me. Then out of nowhere his teeth clamp down, pinching my clit.

I explode in a gush, crying out in surrender. All the little knots inside me that keep me together release.

I’m unbound. Free from all my constrictions.

His mouth moves. Lips and tongue working me over, making wet, sucking noises as he consumes me. Eating me up. No part of me is left untouched.

He sucks on my lips and dips his tongue into my tight entrance.

My orgasm seems to go on for an eternity and I’m all warm and fuzzy as I slowly float back down to my senses.

Lucifer gives my folds one last long lick and then his head pops up. His face is wet from me but his eyes are glowing and intense.

First, his eyes go to my hands still gripping the sheet and he grins with satisfaction. My fingers are starting to cramp up now that I’m aware of them again so I release my grip on the sheet and flex them.

That satisfied grin remains on his lips as he slowly crawls up my body. And there’s just something about it that causes my heart to flutter behind my ribs.

“You can move your hands now, Lily,” he says, but I don’t know what else to do with them.

So I keep them planted on the bed.

Positioning himself above me, he reaches down, grabs me by my hair and tips my head back. Then his mouth is crushing against my mouth and I’m tasting myself on his lips.

“Do you taste how sweet you are?” he growls against my lips and then his tongue is thrusting inside my mouth.

Stroking against my tongue. Reawakening my neediness.

As he kisses me his knees nudge at my knees, and I’m so relaxed, so fuzzy, I obediently open for him.

The hot, velvety head of his cock nudges at my entrance and I gasp against his mouth, breaking the kiss.

Fingers loosening, he pets my hair back. His eyes capture my eyes, and he stares hard at me as he reaches between us.

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he sighs, rubbing his cock against me, torturing my oversensitive clit as he slicks himself up with my juices.

My eyes start to roll back into my head and his fingers are tightening in my hair again.

“Look at me, Lily,” he demands, and I struggle to focus my eyes on him. “Look at me as I enter you.”

He pushes forward, slowly filling me up, stretching me inch by slow inch. I’m soaking wet and swollen after my orgasm but he’s so big I still feel that little pinch of resistance.

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