“God damn, you’re tight,” he says, his voice raw and his eyes strained as he buries himself deep inside me.

Bottoming out, he holds himself there, giving me a moment to adjust around him.

The hand that was helping guide his cock goes to the bed and he pushes up, gaze dropping to look between us.

Slowly, he withdraws, pulling himself out and then he slams himself back in.

My own gaze drifts down and I watch as his red, glistening cock disappears inside me. He’s so damn big I don’t even know how he fits.

Looking up, he catches me watching and then a mischievous grin stretches across his lips. Pulling back, he slides himself almost completely out of me and then he throws himself forward, filling me up with him.

My spine arches and this time I can’t stop my eyes from rolling back in my head. I cry out and reach up, grabbing at him, needing something to hold on to. Needing something to help me get through these intense sensations.

He’s so big, so thick, he’s touching every dark little spot buried inside me.

“Fuck,” he grunts, pulling himself out and then he slams back in.

There’s no mercy, no hesitation.

Just a barrage of pleasure, an attack on my senses.

It feels so fucking good. Deep down, I know it shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t give in but I’m just too weak to keep fighting it.

In and out, his velvety length glides inside me and he stares hard down at me, his eyes filled with possession.

At this point I just have to admit to myself I want this. I need this.

There’s this great big gaping hole I’ve been carrying around inside me, and right now he’s filling it.

“You fucking like it, don’t you?” he snarls above me and his pace increases.

He’s slamming himself in and out of me so hard, so fast, his skin begins to slap against my skin.

“You like me fucking you, don’t you Lily?” he grunts in exertion.

Yes, I like him fucking me.

“You were made to take my cock,” he grunts as the rocking of his hips increases. “Your little pussy was made for me to fuck. Wasn’t it?”

Yes, yes, yes.

Reaching down, he grabs my leg by the back of my knee and pulls it up, tilting my hips. His next thrust goes even deeper and he smashes against my clit.

“Fuck you feel good,” he grunts out.

He pulls back and pounds into me again.

It’s too much. Too much pressure, too much sensation. I’m overwhelmed, and as his cock strokes deep inside me, finding that buried bundle of nerves, I feel myself pushed into another plane of existence.

My world begins to turn white but even through the haze, I’m aware of him snapping.

I don’t know what sets it off. Maybe it’s my sex gripping him, pulling him in. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop moaning his name and scoring my nails down his back.

“Fuck,” he snarls and his face is a mask of possession mixed with aggression.

He begins to fuck me hard and fast. He begins to fuck me like he hates me.

He fucks me like I hate him.

And I do hate him. I hate him for taking me. I hate him for keeping me prisoner.

Most of all I hate him for making me feel this.

His chin drops and his icy eyes glare at me.

I’d be afraid, I’d be terrified of him if it didn’t feel so good. I’m already trapped in the throes of an orgasm and it’s so incredible even his madness won’t ruin it.

He grabs my other leg and yanks it up. My thighs tighten around him and I lock my ankles behind his back.

“Mine,” he grunts, his weight coming down on top of me, sinking me into the bed. “You’re mine, dammit. Mine. Accept it.”

Another wave of bliss hits me, flowing through my body. But even as I’m lost in the pleasure, I shake my head. He can force me to come, he can use my body against me, but I won’t belong to him.

“Stubborn woman,” he snarls and his head bends down, his teeth sinking into my neck.

I cry out and jerk beneath him as the pain hits. My walls clamp down on his cock and his teeth slide out of my flesh.

Above me, he jerks, momentarily losing his rhythm, and his head tips back.

A roar blasts past his lips and then he’s driving himself into me furiously, like he’s literally trying to fuck me into submission.

Inside me I can feel him swelling and growing. Filling me with a hot stickiness.

Another intense wave of pleasure sweeps me up and I drown myself in the pleasure, letting myself be swept away in it.

The orgasm seems to go on and on and I savor every little second of it.

For this short time, I can forget. For these few euphoric moments, I’m not his prisoner, I’m not his possession.

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