Bored and depressed, I return to my room and begin to unpack my boxes. I’m hanging up some of my clothes in Lucifer’s closet when I sense someone behind me.

Freezing in place, I stiffen as two arms wrap around me from behind then Lucifer’s face is nuzzling into my neck.

He sucks in a deep breath, breathing me in. At the same time, I feel all the tension go out of him, his body deflates. Relaxing, he melds against my back.

Brushing my hair over my shoulder, his breath is warm against my ear as he asks, “How was your day?”

Horrible. Awful.

“Boring,” I sigh and stretch up to hang the silk blouse in my hand.

Lucifer takes this as an opportunity to roam his hands up and over my breasts. As I lower back down to the floor, his hands cover my breasts completely, cupping them in his big hands.

My traitorous body responds instantly, flushing with heat and my nipples tightening.

“So was mine,” he purrs and his teeth nip at my earlobe. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day.”

I swallow back my moan and try to fight my reaction to him. I will my blood to cool, for my breasts not to be so sensitive.

Think of awful things. Horrible things.

His tongue licks at my lobe and then his lips are kissing down my neck.

Think of how awful he is; not how sexy he is.

I try but I keep failing.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about these tits.”

He squeezes my breasts hard in his hands. My toes curl against the floor and I have to fight the urge to arch my back.

“Fuck, you have amazing tits,” he pants and then something hard is grinding into my ass.

Oh god, why do I have to like this? Why is this making me wet? What is wrong with me?

His fingers find my nipples through my bra and they pinch.

I hate how I’m responding to him. I hate how my hips rock back and my core clenches.

“And this ass. I love your juicy little ass.”

I hate how my skin breaks out in gooseflesh. I hate how my heart quickens.

One hand leaves my breast and slowly slides down my stomach. “Did you think about me, Lilith?” he asks.

“No,” I grit out from between my teeth. I’ve only been trapped in the house all day; how could I not think about him?

He laughs and his hand slides lower and lower. Fingers pausing on top of my mons, he growls. “I couldn’t stop thinking about your pink little pussy and how good you taste.”

Grabbing the bottom of my dress, he yanks it up.

“What are you doing?” I gasp as the cool air hits my ass.

He shoves me forward and I throw out my hands to stop myself from crashing into the wall. Bracing myself, he kicks at my feet, forcing me to spread for him.

I cast a panicked look over my shoulder. “Lucifer?”

His eyes gleam at me and he steps forward, unbuckling his pants and tearing them open.

“Stay just like that,” he commands, and I have this deep, visceral desire to obey him.

I shouldn’t just stand here and let him get away with this.

And I shouldn’t be panting in anticipation.

But I just can’t help it. He drives me freaking crazy.

This man, he is my weakness. He is my kryptonite. I’m drawn to him. Like the moth to the flame.

He’s going to burn me and consume me.

Inside I know he’s going to hurt me, but there’s something wrong with my wiring. I don’t even try to escape.

He steps up to me, into me, and the first thing I feel is his heat against my ass. He’s so warm, so velvety, I shiver. He’s so hard I can feel him pulsing against my flesh.

Reaching between my spread thighs from the front, his fingers push aside my panties and slide through my lips. “Fuck, you’re soaking wet,” he exclaims as if he’s surprised by this and then he groans, once more his mouth finding my neck.

Oh god, I realize I am. I’m soaked with my desire for him. What is wrong with me? Why am I so sick?

Why can’t I stop wanting him?

His fingers grab onto my panties and then yank, tearing them in half.

“Fucking hell, Lily,” he growls into my ear. “I can’t wait. I need to be inside you now.”

Pushing into me, there’s pressure at my entrance and then he’s filling me up, stretching me to my very seams.

God, he’s so thick. I feel incredibly full of him.

He stills, giving me a moment to adjust around him. If he didn’t, if he tried to have his way with me right now, I just know he’d break me.

His fingers move between me and the wall, the rough tips brushing against my clit. Inside I clench down on his cock, my pussy trying to pull him in deeper.