“So responsive,” he says with husky appreciation.

His fingers begin to rub my clit in slow, little circles and I bite my lip to keep from crying out.

“Why do you fight it, Lilith?”

The pace of his fingers quickens and my walls are pulsing around him.

“What’s the harm in giving in?”

My muscles tighten and all the little nerves in my body light up with awareness.

He hasn’t even moved his cock yet but fuck if I’m not going to come like this.

“You belong to me,” His teeth find my neck and he’s biting me just as the first wave of my orgasm hits, rocking through my body.

As the walls of my sex pulse and spasm around him, he withdraws only to slam back inside me.

He fucks me hard and fast. Grunting and growling into my ear as he has his way with me.

He tells me how beautiful I am, and how much I make him crazy.

He tells me how frustrating I am, and how he’ll kill anyone who fucks with me.

But most of all he tells me I can never get away, and he’ll hunt me to the ends of the earth if I try to run away.

Body driving into my body, the world in front of my eyes goes white. I explode into the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced in my life and his deep, throaty groan tells me he’s not far behind me.

All at once I feel him swell inside me, pulsing, throbbing. My pussy locks up around him and I become trapped in the throes of my own release.

“Fuck, Lily,” he roars out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

His hips rock forward, pumping me full of warmth as he grinds himself hard and deep.

After several long minutes, his hips gradually slow until he stills completely against me.

Panting against the back of my neck, we both catch our breath and I will my mind to remain blank.

Don’t think too much about what just happened, just enjoy it.

It’s done. You can’t take it back.

But even now his words haunt me.

“You can never get away.”

As his breath hits the back of my neck I realize he just said that out loud, it’s not something repeating in my brain.

“Do you understand that, Lilith?”

When I don’t answer, he twists me around to face him. “Lilith?”

Slowly, I nod my head and somehow keep the tears at bay.

Pulling me close, he kisses me long and deep.

“Once I can trust you, your life will become infinitely easier,” he says as he breaks the kiss.

“Oh?” I ask, my sad, desolate little heart fluttering with hope.

“Yes,” he sighs and yanks his pants up, buckling them. “You’ll have more freedom to do the things that you want.”

I think on his words as he takes me by the hand and leads me to the bathroom. Once we’re inside, he closes the door behind us and then grabs me and lifts me up, sitting me down on the counter beside the sink.

I watch him curiously as he walks over to the shower and grabs a rag. Returning, he orders me to, “Lift your skirt.”

“Why?” I ask, eyeing the rag.

“I want to wash you.”

Cheeks flaming with heat, I hesitate.

“Do it or I’ll do it for you, Lilith,” he growls. “And you won’t like it my way.”

He just fucked me silly, yet pulling my skirt up for him to clean me still feels utterly humiliating. He sighs as I hold the skirt up at my waist and takes a step forward.

“Spread your legs.”

Tipping my head up, I stare up at the ceiling and obey.

Behind me, I hear the faucet turn on and then a bottle opening.

“Why did you hire your childhood nanny?” I ask while I wait for him to touch me with the rag.

The faucet turns off and then there’s a gush of water. He must be squeezing out the rag. “Because I want you and the children to have everything you need.”

The rag drips all over my thighs before it touches me. I’m still so sensitive, I groan as he rubs the wet fabric against my tender pussy.

“Thank you,” I grit out slowly and drop my chin, tearing my gaze away from the ceiling. “I appreciate it, I do.”

“You’re welcome,” he grins down at me and pulls back the rag.

Leaning around me, he turns the faucet back on and rinses the rag out in the sink.

“I don’t want to come off as ungrateful, though, but now I have nothing to do all day.”

Turning off the water, he squeezes out the rag then leaves it sitting beside the sink. Grabbing a small, fluffy hand towel, he turns back to me and begins to dry my thighs.

“There are other things you could do.”

“Like what?” I ask, trying to keep the frustration out of my voice. “I can’t cook, or clean, or do my own laundry…”

Frowning, he finishes drying me then pulls my skirt out of my hands and smooths it down my thighs for me. Taking a step back, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. Selecting a black card out of his wallet, he holds it out to me.

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