Electronics, new bed sets. Toys.

This morning, though, I think she was trying to get a reaction out of me when she talked about adding an addition to the house and potentially adding an inground pool. When I told her to talk to Peter about who to get bids from she fell back in bed with a hand over her eyes and a quiet growl rolling off her lips.

I can break someone in more than one way.

These past two weeks have given me a reason to push harder on Marshall. I want his stupid, fuck ass broken. I want him so fucked up he dies off in some miserable gutter.

I’m happy with my new family, ready-made as it is.

I have a woman I can barely control my baser instincts around, two small children who are becoming… A welcome intrusion? I’m not use to having someone besides an occasional companion in my home. But the two little living, thinking, sentient beings are growing on me.

I had no clue they would do or say the things they do. I never knew that a female could reach that high of an octave in a screech. I think Evie, as she told me she wants to be called, broke some of the glassware. She is the constant source of happiness in the house. Now that she is comfortable, she knows no stranger and is fearless when it comes to doing anything she wants.

I do feel sorry for Peter though; it seems he is the one sought out for tea times and makeup parties. More than once I have had to send him off to home because his nails were pink. How can a man go about collecting and taking someone out when he has bright pink fingernails?

Then there is Adam, he is so serious and observant. I’ve no doubt he is aware of far more than either Lilith or I give him credit. His intelligence is off the charts. I’m often proud of his logic when we discuss some of our business issues. He is certainly going to be an asset as he gets older and takes on more of the business. He may be a touch ruthless, but that comes from me. I have shown him a few good ways to get results out of those around us.

The first time we talked in our office, I had him sit across from my desk. Without any hesitation, he told me that if it’s our office then he must have a desk in there as well. I still chuckle over how happy he was when I told him I agreed. Now he goes there every day after school to do his school work. His poor mother and nanny, though, must never enter lest they are called for. It is our office after all.

“Good, the inspection yesterday went off without a hitch. I have the money transferring to his account today. We won’t have any issues with getting the licenses transferred to us, either.”

“Excellent. Any word on the money?”

“The Irish have told us it wasn’t their problem, especially since one of their own was murdered. They have a bounty for the killer, but it’s mostly for show, I think, because of who did the job and the fact that he has gone completely off the radar.”

I am not surprised by this.

“The Yakuza have flat out refused to return any of the money much less speak with us about the missing cash. That’s stupid but not something I can justify going to war over yet. They’re willing to meet up, but are keeping it at a distance. If we have a business venture they will hear us out, otherwise we are being told the same thing as the Irish. Go fuck ourselves.”

The Yakuza’s assets are interesting, just like the Italians. Both are carefully carving out new territories for themselves, but with the Russians and I already firmly planted in place in Garden City, there isn’t much for them to snap up except for our table scraps.

Neither outfit is going to be satisfied with what’s left. So my bet is they will fuck with each other before taking on one of the two powerhouses.

Then again, when it comes to money and power you never know.

How they will attack each other though will be interesting. The Yakuza are known for their takeover abilities with businesses and corporations. Blackmail being a fine art for them. The Italians should never be counted out though. They are modern and have a way of never forgetting a grudge.

“They want to meet up in a week, somewhere neutral.”

“Why the fuck do they want it on neutral ground? I haven’t made a single threat on them yet.”

“They are weary of your dealings in the past with anyone who might have crossed you, is my thinking.”

“They have, to an extent. Unknowingly, but they have, Simon. To act like they have is…” I growl but shake my head before I finish.

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