I feel like the shittiest of mothers for allowing him to suffer that. Now that Lucifer is around I can tell Adam looks up to him. He trusts him with the burden of responsibility he took on his little self.

And Evelyn, she’s as bubbly as ever. Even more so now that she has so many people around to give her their time and attention. If it’s one thing in the world she loves it’s attention.

Should I even try to take them away from this? It truly seems like Lucifer has given them more than he has taken.

I suppose it’s all a matter of ethics and morality. Where do I draw the line? How far am I willing to push my own principles for my family’s benefit?

After all, I’m still technically a married woman. No papers have been drawn up, no lawyers have been contacted as far as I know. Lucifer has never mentioned it.

I worry that he’s doing this all out of revenge.

When he’s done, when’s he rubbed it in all the appropriate faces, will he drop us like a bad habit?

Why am I even worried about it? Why? I should look forward to it, dammit. I shouldn’t be afraid of losing him…

Speaking of revenge, is there such a thing as revenge shopping? Because if there is then I’ve been doing a lot of it. I’ve done more frivolous shopping in the past two weeks than I’ve done in the past two years combined. I have so many new dresses and shoes, I’m starting to push Lucifer out of his own closet.

And he doesn’t seem to care. It’s infuriating, but I suppose it’s to be expected. Very little seems to affect him. The only time I see him get worked up is right before he’s yanking down his pants and thrusting inside me. That’s when I get to watch the mask slip to the side to reveal the real man.

The man that hungers, the man that’s possessive.

The man that’s weak to me, who has to remind me not to leave him…

When I get the call that he wants to take me out tonight, my pathetic little heart jumps in excitement.

Is he taking me out on a date? Perhaps he’s going to court me in the proper fashion?

I spend the rest of the day trying on my new dresses and doing my hair and makeup. I change my mind at least a dozen times and go through dress after dress before finally settling on a classic—a little black cocktail dress that’s so short it’s almost indecent. The dress hits me above my mid-thigh and the flared skirt flashes a bit of my panties if I bend over. Paired with stiletto heels and a sequined clutch, I feel beautiful and elegant.

I can’t even remember the last time I dressed up like this, and I’m hoping I’m not overdressed. I’m hoping he takes me out to somewhere fancy and elegant.

When the car pulls up to the house, it’s an exercise of self-control to keep myself from running up to it in excitement. I force myself to wait patiently for Simon to open the back door for me but I can’t keep my lips from smiling.

Climbing into the backseat takes some more care than usual. I have to be careful not to flash my panties to the world. But once I’m seated next to Lucifer, his reaction makes it all worth it. His eyes light up with heat before the door is even closed and he reaches over, pulling me onto his lap.

“You look beautiful,” he purrs and nuzzles his face into my neck.

“Thank you, but please don’t mess up my hair. I’ve spent all day curling it and pinning it.”

“Mmm,” he rumbles and his warm palm touches down on my thigh. Slowly he drags his hand up, and I fight the urge to spread for him. “I like that. You’ve spent all day making yourself beautiful for me.”

His teeth graze down my neck, nipping at my shoulder.

I shiver, little goosebumps breaking out across my skin. “Yes, I’ve spent all day getting ready. I’ve really been looking forward to this.”

“So have I,” he growls and his fingers push between my thighs, forcing me to open for him. “I’ve been thinking about your legs all day. Thinking about doing this…”

Just as his hand pushes up my skirt and his fingers are pushing aside my panties the car comes to a stop.

“Are we here?” Lucifer asks Simon gruffly.

He curses when Simon responds, “Yes.”

I sigh with disappointment as he pulls his hand out and smooths down my skirt. I was really looking forward to him getting me off, it would make getting through dinner so much easier.

Simon’s door opens and shuts. A moment later our backdoor is being opened. I feel Lucifer’s hand against my ass as I climb out of the car, and then he’s behind me, pulling down my skirt.

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