Straightening, I give myself a once over and decide to adjust my dress a bit. Lucifer’s hand touches the small of my back and he’s leading me forward before I even have a chance to look at the place.

Dress back in place, I glance up and then frown in confusion. The building is ugly, made of dark stone and windowless. There’s a single steel security door serving as the side entrance and a beefy bouncer stands in front of it.

Above the door is a neon pink sign that reads: Lucky’s Tails.

What kind of restaurant is this?

“Evening, boss,” the bouncer nods at Lucifer and doesn’t even look at me, keeping his eyes purposely averted. He steps to the side as we approach, allowing us to pass.

As soon as we step inside and the door slams behind us, I dig in my stiletto heels and turn on Lucifer.

“You brought me to a strip club?!” I hiss in indignation above the fading chorus of Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me.



We may have entered from the side entrance but there is more than enough people around to see the commotion Lily is causing.

“Yes, dear, a strip club. I have a business meeting here tonight and it’s our newest purchase. I want to see the changes that have been made.”

She growls out to me through gritted teeth. “I thought you were taking me somewhere special!”

“I am.”

Simon comes up from behind me and he nudges my shoulder. “They sent Marco Romano and his two associates.”

Turning my gaze away from Lilith to the three men sitting in the middle of the club, I resist the urge to grin.

They sent a high-level shot caller to meet with me. He’s not exactly the top tier in their organization, but he’s there to show that they want to hear what I have to offer. This guy will be able to make a snap decision or call someone who can right away.

Snapping my fingers at Simon, I say, “Ensure they have anything they want before I get to the table. Anything they want is to come from the top shelf.”

“Got it.”

Pulling Lilith to the side of the entrance, I look down into her eyes. Those fucking emerald chips are staring daggers at me.

“The men we are about to sit with are here for a very serious matter. It doesn’t matter where the fuck the location is. Do not embarrass me, this is our life, Lilith.”

I look around the club, then pushing us further into the corner I grab her chin so that I can hold her eyes.

She wants to say something but I don’t give her the chance. Leaning down I kiss her lips hard. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, I feel her instant reaction to fight me, but I don’t give up.

Moments go by as she tries to resist me, but in the end, her hands are clutching at my shirt. Her breath comes out in hitches as I pull back.

My cock is ready to go right this moment but I will it down.

“We can’t keep our guests waiting.”

Tugging her hand lightly, I lead us into the club proper. The lights are low and the music is pumping through the speakers. As the last song fades away, White Zombie’s More Human Than Human comes on.

Approaching the table, a tall buxom redhead stands in my way. Tall, with breasts as fake as her cherry red hair. She’s the most popular stripper in every club she works. “Cherry Bomb, thanks for taking over the new venture.”

She stalks up to me and I can’t help but smile. This vixen is the absolute definition of sin.

“Lucifer, my only love…” She purrs as she literally wraps her body around me. She is not one for family hugs, no she makes sure her pussy mound is press firmly against me. “Where have you been? I miss you.”

Pulling my hand from Lilith’s, I untangle myself from Cherry and push her to a more comfortable distance from me. I have a personal bubble that should never be breached. She doesn’t give one shit. If I let her, she would be weaving between my legs like a cat marking her territory.

Grabbing Lilith’s hand, I pull her forward to stand beside me. “How are the new girls and the old girls working out?”

Standing up straight, Cherry switches from sex kitten to instant business mode. She is a certified CPA business school graduate, but this is, as she says, a much more interesting line of work. “Good. I’ve fired two of the old staff today during the mandatory meeting. They showed up late.”

Nodding my head, I ask, “How’s the bartender?”

“He’s skimming two dollars for every ten.”

“Have the police here at the end of the night. Make sure the new cameras catch him in the act.”

“Will do. Anything else?” she asks.