Tugging me by the hand, Lucifer leads me forward, towards the back of the club, and my heart pounds wildly.

What does he mean to do to me? What does he think I need?

I should have just kept my big mouth shut. Tonight, my stupid is really showing.

We pass through an open doorway and the light dims, the music softens. He leads me down a long, red-carpeted hallway.

There are a few open doorways, the only door being at the end. A bouncer is standing up against the wall ahead of us. His beefy arms are crossed in front of his chest and he has a bored expression on his face.

I can hear moans, giggles, and the sound of flesh slapping.

The bouncer glances towards us and nods at Lucifer. “Evening, boss.”

Lucifer smiles easily and comes to a stop, pausing in front of the doorway. “Good evening, Bruce. How’s it going?”

The three of us turn our attention to the open room. I get an eyeful of a saggy ass thrusting into a moaning Cherry and immediately turn away.

Fuck, I really wish I didn’t just see that.

Bruce shrugs his shoulders. “It’s going.”

Lucifer chuckles and gives him a slap on the shoulder. “Alright. I’ll be in my office. Don’t let anyone disturb me unless it’s an emergency.”

Bruce nods and Lucifer is tugging me forward once more. I’m so anxious to get away from the scene I just glimpsed I almost run ahead of him.

Pushing the door at the end of the hallway open, Lucifer pushes me inside. Stumbling ahead, I nearly fall on my face as he slams the door behind me.

The loud click of the lock registers in my brain. I’d take in the room but it’s so dark I can’t see.

“Lucifer?” I ask, my voice trembling. He isn’t locking me in here, is he?

“Don’t worry, I’m right here, Lily,” he says from behind me.

There’s a pause and then the light flickers on.

Lucifer is standing in front of the door, his eyes bright as he stares at me.

I take a step back and look at my surroundings. There’s no window, no other doors or means of escape. Just a large mahogany desk, a few chairs, and a filing cabinet.

Shedding his coat and hanging it up on the rack beside him, he tells me to, “Remove your dress.”

I take a step back. “Why?”

Loosening the tie at his neck, he grins wickedly. “Because I told you to.”

He takes a step forward and I take another step back. I know there’s no possible way for me to escape but the way he’s looking at me, the pure hunger that’s openly displayed on his face, is frightening me.

I can’t tell if he wants to kill me or fuck me.

Or both.

“Because the sight of the other women has done nothing for me but left me wanting you…”

I shake my head and back myself up against his desk.

“Because we didn’t get to finish what we started in the car.”

He yanks his tie out of his collar and grips it in his fist as he strides forward, eating up the distance I created. “Because I can only spend so much time in your presence without fucking you before I start going mad with lust.”

Walking into me, he looms over me as I bend back. “Because I fucking told you to, Lily. Obey or face the fucking consequences.”

Tears sting my eyes as I struggle to reach behind myself and pull down the zipper that runs the length of my back. “Why are you doing this?” I ask.

Grabbing me, impatient, he spins me around and then shoves me forward until I’m bent over, my hands hitting his desk. “Because you need it.”

Yanking my zipper down, I feel the fabric of my dress spread and the cool air chills my skin. “Are you done with the fucking questions?”

He pulls my sleeves down my shoulders. “Well?” he snaps when I don’t answer him. Lifting each of my hands, he keeps me bent over as he slides my dress down my chest then over my hips and finally down my legs.

“Yes,” I answer, stiffening as he bends over me again.

His hardness brushes against my ass and I flinch away from him.

Grabbing me by the hips, he pulls me back, grinding me against his erection. “Feel what you do to me, Lily. You make me fucking weak.”

My eyes nearly roll into the back of my head and a pulsing throb awakens between my thighs.

I could argue that I’m the one that’s weak to him, unable to resist him no matter how angry I am. This blade cuts both ways, and we’re both victims to this thing between us.

He touches me and my body comes alive beneath his hands. Just the faint touch of his breath against my skin is enough to get my blood boiling. I’m starting to forget what life was like, what it felt like to exist before him.

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