For so long I was dead inside and when he touches me I’m resurrected.

His hands roam up, covering and squeezing my breasts. His breath is hot against my throat and I arch my neck as he growls. “You’re like a fucking drug. Your smell, your touch, your taste. I’m addicted. No other woman will do for me.”

Just the thought of him being with another woman, of remembering him laugh and be so easy with Cherry, causes my little green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head.

He’s broken me in ways I never thought I’d be broken. I shouldn’t crave his attention; I shouldn’t crave his affection. Yet I want it, I need it.

He’s infecting me with his sickness.

Reaching around my back, one hand unsnaps my bra while the other grabs my breast as it spills free. “I should hate you for what you’ve done to me. For the way you’ve trapped me. But I have this inexplicable need to protect you, to take care of you.”

His fingers stroke down my back and I bite my lip to muffle my cry as they slide into my panties. “You’ve become precious to me.”

His nails scratch down my mons and through what little hair down there I keep trimmed. “You can keep fighting me, Lily, but I’ll just keep fucking you until you love me.”

I will never love you, I think. He can take my body, he can elicit compliance from me, but he can’t force his way into my heart. I’ll harden it against this illness.

No matter how good this feels, no matter how much I fucking need him, I can’t let myself love him. It’s the one thing I have left that he can’t wrestle from me. My last bastion of resistance.

Falling in love with him would be like falling in love with death.

“Fucking hell, you’re already so wet for me,” he growls appreciatively as his fingers slide through me. “If I had the patience I’d eat your sweet little pussy.”

Grabbing me by the hips, he spins me around. I gasp as my world tilts and I lose my balance.

Steadying me, he looms over me, his face dark and full of menace. Straps sliding down my arms, he removes my bra and pushes me down.

As he bends me back, spreading me out on his desk, he lifts my hands above my head. The tie he removed from his neck is wound around my wrists and knotted.

Reaching down, he rips my panties down my legs and my stilettos fall off.

“Look at you,” he purrs, stepping back to admire me.

I curl my fingers and test the tightness of my restraint. It doesn’t give.

Panting heavily, I’m on the verge of hyperventilating, the edges of my vision wavering as he unsnaps his pants.

“Stay like that, just like that, Lily,” he purrs. “If you move, you’ll walk out of here without your dress.”

Stiff as a board, I lay on the hard, unforgiving desk. My heart pounding behind my ribs and my breasts rising and falling with my pants.

I watch him take his cock in his hand and feel a twinge deep inside as he pumps his fist slowly up and down his shaft.

His eyes scorch over my body, drinking me in. Stepping forward, I almost move. I almost open my legs wider for him.

“Such a good little kitten,” he purrs and his lips smirk down at me as the crown his cock bumps against my entrance.

A flash of anger rises up in me and I narrow my eyes up at him.

He laughs.

Bending down, his fingers slip around my neck. Lifting my head off the desk, he says, “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are when you’re angry?”

His lips smash against my lips as his cock thrusts inside me, spearing me mercilessly on his long shaft.

I’m already so wet, so swollen, there’s no resistance. All my little muscles relax around him, hugging him tight then gripping him. Pulling him in.

Groaning into my mouth, he rears back then slams himself deep again. He’s so big, so thick, I’m experiencing that raw feeling of satisfaction again.

Fucking hell, I needed this. I needed him inside me. I needed this connection.

I needed to be conquered by him.

“Feeling better already?” he asks as I relax beneath him.

Pushing up, his eyes lock on my eyes and I try to look away. He grabs my face and forces me to look at him.

With his gaze alone he’s stripping me of my layers, of all my little protections. He’s peering into the very depths of my soul as his hips roll against me in a deep, grinding rhythm.

My clit pulses, trapped. The pressure that was slowly building inside me swells and increases.

A low moan escaping my lips, he grins and begins to slam his cock into me harder. Faster.

Arching beneath him, my muscles tense up and my nails dig into the palms of my hands.