“Don’t ever ask to leave me again,” he snarls and slams into me so hard the desk creaks beneath us.

“The next time you ask I’ll chain you to our fucking bed.”

The pressure inside me just keeps building and building, threatening to burst from my skin.

“You belong with me. Your fucking home is wherever I am.”

The throbbing, the aching is so overwhelming as he pounds himself into me, I’m not sure how much more I can stand.

“I’ll never let you go. Never. They’ll have to pry you from my cold, dead hands,” he roars out and pounds into me as my body locks up, fighting through the tight clench of my sex.

All at once my climax hits me. The pressure that was building deep in my belly exploding in a white flash.

Warmth fills me, Lucifer grunts and growls above me. For one glorious moment we’re on the same plane, coexisting in this orgasmic madness.

Wave after wave of pleasure pulses through my limbs. I’m twitching, arching and straining against my bonds—his weight above me and the tie around my wrists.

He settles first, coming down on top of me with a sigh, spent.

While I’m still convulsing and twitching beneath him.

He holds me, stroking me through the last of my spasms until I go still, all the strength draining from my limbs.

When the last flutter settles and he’s sliding out of me, I open my eyes to find him staring down at me with an unreadable expression as he does up his pants.

Reaching above me, he pulls my arms down and silently unbinds my hands. Lifting my wrists to his lips, he kisses all the spots where the tie dug into my skin.

Straightening to his full height, he offers me a hand up then helps me step into my dress. Pushing my hands gently away, he pulls my dress up and then zips the zipper up my back. He treats me with such care, with such tenderness, I don’t know what to make of it.

I’m left reeling after everything that just happened.

My hair a wild, unruly mess, he extracts what’s left of my pins and then brushes it out with his fingers. I just stare at him in confusion. How can he be so intense and demanding one moment and so sweet the next?

Brushing my curls over my shoulders, he finally breaks the silence.

His voice raw and thick, he says, “Now you know what you mean to me. In the future, I trust you won’t forget it.”



Sitting beside Lily in the back of the car, I leave her to her thoughts.

She isn’t broken completely, yet.

She’s like a wild horse in some ways, just biding her time until she is able to get to freedom. She doesn’t understand, though, that she is too accustomed to the straps I have wrapped around her heart and mind. She needs that ray of hope that she will be free of me someday soon because to her I am the monster she must rebel against.

This isn’t right to her, this isn’t real for her. Silly girl.

Lily wants my collar, she needs it.

All of her life she has searched for something to fill that void left deep inside of her. She needs someone to take her as his, to give her meaning and definition, even if she doesn’t understand that herself.

Turning from the window, Lily looks at me as I stare at the curves and angles of her beautiful face. Her eyes are dark and full of uncertainty. “Why does everyone call you Lucifer?”

Shrugging my shoulders, I say, “I got the name when I was a teenager. It stuck.”

“What’s the story behind it, though? Why? The name surely is… crass and makes people afraid of you.”

“That’s why it sticks so well. I want them afraid.”

“So, man of mystery, how did you get the name?” she asks with a smirk.

“My stepsister first called me it when I was fourteen.”

“You have a sister?” she asks, looking almost confused.

“Yeah. Why do you seem shocked?”

“I just kind of figured you…Well, you would have eaten any competition.”

Laughing out loud, I smile at her. She has the rights to it, though. If my stepsister and I had been closer in age, I would have.

I reach across the seat to the buckle she has strapped across her chest. Pushing the button, I let it slide across her stomach. Reaching over, I pull her to my chest as I lean back against the door.

“You’re probably right about that. I would have if she wasn’t five years older than me. She was very fond of teasing me about being so serious about becoming my father’s heir.”

“You’re saying was.”

“She’s not dead if that’s what you’re wondering, just on another continent. After I took over I gave her enough money to live comfortably. She is and was a pain in the ass to deal with. Anyways, one day a man had scaled the wall of the villa we lived in. He wanted to break into the place since he thought nobody would be home, steal our things then leave. I caught him in the act.”

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