If he’s willing to die for us, to kill for us, how bad of a man can he be? Yes, there’s blood on him, but there can be many justifiable reasons for it…

Eyes popping back open, he takes a step back and frowns at me. “Look what you made me do.”

I look down at myself and see that the blood on his shirt has seeped into my blouse and has stained me too.

“Come,” he says, pulling me by the hand. “Let’s get washed up. I’ve missed you.”



This parenting stuff isn’t too hard or bad.

Evie is racing around the living room chasing after Adam as she tries to brush his head. The squealing isn’t the greatest of sounds but it beats the silence that filled this home before they came.

It’s odd when I think about the changes I have made since I took Lily as mine and took on our children. To say I was in a different stage of my life before them would be putting it mildly. I had nothing but work, wanton women, and booze.

It wasn’t a bad life, but it wasn’t as satisfying as it is now.

I truly don’t think Lily understood when I took them I was not doing this on a whim, they wouldn’t be cast aside as soon as I grew bored. No, I have taken them on as mine, for good or bad they will be with me until our ends.

While she didn’t understand that at first, I think the ending of her old marriage and the start of ours proved to her she wasn’t just a passing whim. Fuck, how could she still think that? She’s mine and I am hers.

Something primal is ripped from its dormancy when I see her, I can’t be without her.

I can’t live without dominating her, claiming her as mine and keeping her.

Never have I felt what I do when I look at her, never. She’s a drug, a seductress…a need. In life there are wants and needs. Wants, you can live without, but needs are what you must have if you want to live.

“Father!” Adam yells out as he keeps running from a giggling Evie. “Tell her to stop, I’m not a girl!”

Laughing, I reach out as Evie tries to race past me, snatching her up into my arms. I hug her tight before giving her a kiss on her head. “Little princess, please stop torturing your brother. He’s not a dollie.”

Staring at me with a big smile, she looks from me to Adam. “He’s pretty like you, Daddy!”

Grumbling, I set her down and tell her, “Go get Paul dear, tell him it’s tea party time.”

The phone in my pocket rings twice before I’m able to pull it out. Simon’s name comes across the screen as I pick it up.

I watch as Evie screeches out of the room, belting out Paul’s name.

“Hello Simon.”

“Boss, where’s Lilly? Where’s Bart?”

“What’s wrong?” I snap out of my joy as I quickly stand.

“Where are they Lucifer? Quickly.”

“They are out shopping for wedding stuff. I think she said dresses.”

It’s been two weeks since I told her of our marriage license. It took a couple of days for her to come to terms with the whole thing. Now she’s trying to break the damn card I gave her.

“Bart was their inside man. He was giving information over to the Yakuza. We need to get her away from him as soon as possible.”

“What the fuck, Simon… How the fuck did you not see it?” I breathe out as my heart drops deep down in my chest.

Down where there is a rolling pit of nausea and rage ready to erupt.

“Not the time, boss. Does she still have the phone I gave you for her?”


“Okay, I need to start up the tracking, but I have a feeling Bart got rid of it as well as his.”

My anger is clouding my vision as I track down James in the operations wing of my compound.

Snapping my fingers, I say, “James, you and Paul are on the children. If anyone but me or Lily come for them you are to shoot to kill. Do you understand my orders?”

He stares at me for a long moment before nodding his head. “I understand. Do you want me to take them into the safe room?”

Thinking quickly, I nod my head. “Yeah, get them all the toys and games you can. Fresh food. Have Mary help you pack up enough to occupy them for a couple of days just in case. Then, as soon as you are ready to go into the room, have her go home.”

Standing up, he shoves his gun from the rack into his shoulder holster. “Anything else, sir?”

“No, get moving.”

He heads out of the room, pulling his phone from his pocket and dialing quickly. “Paul, get Evie and meet me at the safe room. I’ll get Adam.”

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