Walking over to the gun rack, I start talking to Simon again. “Where are you?”

“Thaddeus, Phillip and I are on our way over to you now. John is heading over to the Jap’s main stronghold off of third. From the video feed on the buildings, I haven’t seen them bring her in, but I have no doubts she will be there soon.”

“Get here now. We will be doing a full tactical load out from here, then we’re heading down to them.”

“Matthew, wait a minute. We need to make…”

At that moment, I can no longer contain my anger. “Silence!” comes bellowing from my mouth.

“Get. Here. Now.” I say into the silent air.

“Seven minutes out,” he says and disconnects the call.

Dropping the phone to the shelf, I take only a moment to assess what I need. Then I start by strapping a thigh holster on top of my jeans. Pulling the bulletproof tactical vest off of the rack, I start to adjust it for myself, shoving magazines in the slots as I go.

I hear shouting and running footsteps as I go through the rack, pulling my favored M4 tactical assault rifle out. Looking through the sighting, I load a clip into it, slapping it home. I check to make sure it’s secured.

Turning to Simon, he’s slowing down from a sprint as he heads straight to the weapons racks, gathering the things that he needs.

“The phone wasn’t removed from her. Bart must not have known about it. She’s being held in that shit office building on third. It’s a two-story job. Legit business in the front, all illegal operations in the back. I’ve got the phone now reversed into being a microphone, broadcasting to us anything that it can hear.”

I watch as the rest of the men swarm in, grabbing gear and weapons.

The Yakuza fucked up when they took in Marshall and thought to go against me. Now they have touched my fucking property.

Every single one of them will die.



There’s freedom in giving in. In letting go. It took me a couple of days to fully come to terms with my new life, and my new situation. But after some deep soul searching, and a lot of thinking, I feel better about everything now.

I’m not sure this is something I would have chosen for myself or for my children, but when considering the alternatives, I can’t imagine seeking out something different.

Is there anything better out there for us? Is there anyone better? I don’t think so.

Lucifer didn’t have to marry me. He didn’t have to legally bind himself to me or take on the obligation of providing for my children. He could have let things continue to progress as they were. He could have stuck with the status quo. It’s more in my best interest to be legally recognized as his wife now. To have the protection of his name and a right to his home.

He’s given me more power by showing the world he thinks of me as someone more than a thing he just owns.

I can’t think of a good reason to leave, and I can’t think of any place I’d rather go.

For better or worse, this is my life now, this is my world.

I accept it all now.

I feel happier, I’m fulfilled. I didn’t even realize how empty I was. How lost I was before he walked into my bedroom.

Haven’t I always needed someone like him? It feels like I’ve been waiting for him. Waiting for someone to wake me up.

Waiting for someone to make me whole.

My entire future is ahead of me, and I’m excited about all these new changes. There are possibilities where there were none before.

Today, I’ve spent the entire day with one of my closest friends, Lisa, shopping for dresses. It’s been a day just for us girls.

When I first reached out to her a couple of days ago, she was a little shocked about everything that has gone down since we last hung out, but even she was ecstatic to learn that I finally left Marshall.

Whether she’s completely onboard with me marrying again so soon is to be seen, but like a true friend she’s been more than happy to help me shop and plan for my upcoming nuptials.

We’ve shopped our way up and down Wedding Row. I have almost a dozen dresses ordered and picked out to try on for when my mother arrives next week. Everything is falling into place, and Lucifer’s deep pockets are ensuring everything continues to progress smoothly.

I’m a little nervous about my parents flying in to visit, but Lucifer is so charming I’m sure they’ll have no trouble accepting him as their new son-in-law.

After hugging Lisa goodbye, Bart, my driver for the day, opens the back door of the car for me and I slide in, exhausted. Who knew picking out dresses would take so long?

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