Placing the hanger on what is clearly her side, I walk back out into the bedroom.

She is standing in the spot I left her in but facing me now.

Her breath coming in deep sucks of air, she asks, “What are you going to do to my children? Are you some sort of pervert? A child mole…”

Raising my hand, I stop her train of thought right there. “No, neither my men nor I are in any way such disgusting, vile things. That is a death sentence in my circle. I will personally kill any man who harms children like that.”

“Do you promise?” she asks and I can see the desperation in her eyes that I reassure her of that one fact.

“Yes, they are my children as of now. I would never allow something to happen to them.”

“You can’t just say something like that, people don’t just become yours at your word.”

“They do in my world, Lilith. This is the reality you will need to face and accept. The quicker you come to terms with belonging to me, the quicker you will find happiness in your surrender.”

She doesn’t say anything; her mouth is opened, shocked.

“Sit on the bed, Lilith.”

She trembles slightly but moves towards the bed. Getting on it, she does her best to hide all of those pale attributes I have been devouring with my eyes.

Her pale heavy breasts pushed high in her red frilly bra. Her panties hiding her pussy between her thighs. Her ass is briefly visible as she climbs into the bed and her little thong peeks out from the back.

Grinning, I say, “I like that look on you.”

Having had many women before, I’ve seen almost every way they can dress up their bodies and it has given me an appreciation for how a woman cares for herself.

The one before me, the one I have claimed as mine, truly does keep herself in shape. I don’t see anything on her body that would ever suggest she has had children, except for the very faint lines on her hips. They look as if a cat reached up with both sets of claws and scratched her.

“Are you going to rape me now?” she asks with those sensual lips pressing together in a thin line.

“Hardly, I’ve had a very long night as it is.” I unfasten my belt and then say, “Now that I do think about it, though, you need to change the sheets and pillowcases.”

At first, she doesn’t move but then she asks, “Lucifer, that’s what they call you, isn’t it? What kind of name is that?”

“It’s what those who fear and respect me call me. For now, you will use the same name.”

I think the word for how she is staring at me would be incredulous.

“There is no way I will ever—”

Again, I raise my hand in a calming motion. “Let’s not be making vows or promises beyond the one already made tonight.”

Rolling her eyes, she climbs back out of bed, her pale luscious thighs moving quickly past me as she darts into the closet.

She could try to drag out the job or even try to escape right now, but to her credit, she doesn’t. Moving back out of the closet, she walks to the bed where she places the linens on a chair beside it.

The rattle of my phone buzzing in my pocket pulls me from watching the little pale angel flitter around the bed. I actually dread looking down at the phone I am pulling from my pocket.

Taking my eyes off of her ethereal form almost seems like a sin.

Growling quietly to myself, I swipe my phone open to accept the call from Simon. “Yes, Simon, what is it?”

“I was calling to see if you were sure about this…”

“Absolutely, Simon, is there anything else?”

“Yeah, how do you plan on getting home in the morning?”

I chuckle at that. “Thanks for thinking of me. Have Andrew on standby for me.”

Swiping the phone call off, I walk to the nightstand beside the bed, pulling my keys from my pocket. I set them and the phone quietly down.

“What exactly are you planning, Lucifer? This is crazy.”

Her voice is rising as I turn to her, she is clearly not nearly as accepting of this situation as I am.

That will change.

She’s mine now, there is no doubt in my mind of that. The pictures simply did not do her justice.

My eyes travel slowly up and then back down her body.

Looking back up into her eyes, I show no shame for my actions. “No, this is not crazy. This is simply what it is now.”

“What am I supposed to be, your slave now? What of my children?” she asks, throwing up her hands she twists about her, gesturing to the walls surrounding us. “What about the house? Where are we supposed to live? Here with him?”