Then the fingers on my sex brush across my clit. Behind my eyes colors spark and flash.

My body is lit up with electric sensation.

I groan and writhe, needing more. Needing a firmer touch. I reach down, grabbing the hand, wanting to guide it.

Suddenly, teeth sink into my neck, giving me a painful nip. With a yelp, I pull my hand back.

I pant, afraid that the fingers will stop now but my fear is misguided.

A moment later, fingers touch my clit, rubbing in slow, circular motions.

I melt, inside I’m melting into warm gooey wetness.

Moaning, I thrust my ass back, my hips rocking in a slow, needy rhythm.

The spot on my neck that was just bit is tenderly soothed with a slow, dragging lick. The pressure of the fingers on my clit increases.

Knees locking together, my muscles lock up, tensing in anticipation.

The fingers continue to work against me, becoming fast and frantic.

The mouth on my neck is sucking and licking me as if it’s trying to devour me. I swear I feel the hardness against my ass twitch.

I’m so close, I’m going to come.

I let out a low, needy groan and still just as all the pleasurable pressure reaches its apex.

All at once the fingers on my clit stop, leaving me hanging on the edge.

No, no, no…

I reach down again, grabbing the hand.

“Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop,” I beg, my voice startling me as it breaks the silence.

The silence doesn’t answer back, and the hand I’m gripping resists my guidance. Roughly, I’m shoved forward and my face hits the mattress.

From behind, I can feel my chemise being lifted up more and then the soft sound of fabric rubbing against skin. I try to push myself up but a firm hand pushes me back down.

Something hard touches my folds and then glides through them.

Oh fuck, I know what that is. Only the head of a cock can do that.

My hips rock back on their own volition. A weight touches my back and then presses me back down into the mattress. Lips touch my ear while the cock continues to push, slide and spread my folds.

He’s slicking himself up with my wetness.

My hands grip the bed and I bite back the moan that is trying to push past my lips.

I shouldn’t want this, I shouldn’t.

But he left me hanging on the edge. I’m throbbing, my sex is swollen and my clit is pulsing.

I fucking need it.

“How long has it been, Lily?” His voice slides into my ear like a soft caress.

I press my lips together and refuse to answer the question.

The head of his cock slides up and then brushes against my clit. It’s only a light touch but it’s enough to cause the need inside me to increase in intensity.

“Lily…” he says, chiding me. “Tell me. How long has it been since a cock has been inside your pussy?”

God, the way he says the word pussy sounds so naughty yet so damn sexy at the same time.

He slides the head of his cock back down and prods it at my entrance.

“Did Marshall fuck you tonight?”

I tense up, hoping he pushes it further in.

With a sigh, I feel him pull back and I want to scream in frustration.

“Lily,” he purrs huskily into my ear. “Did your husband fuck your pussy tonight?”

I shake my head and he rewards me by brushing his cock against my clit.

“Good girl.”

He presses the head of his cock against my clit and I shudder. The pressure is so delicious.

“How long has it been? A day? A week?”

I don’t want to answer him now because it fills me with humiliation.

“Lily,” he growls and I feel him pull away again.

Dammit. Why is he doing this?

“Months,” I whimper as he pulls completely away from me. “Maybe a whole year.”

He’s so still, so quiet, I almost burst into tears, fearing he finds me repulsive.

“What a fucking idiot,” he declares and his warm weight presses me down again.

I can’t stop the contented sigh that comes out of me nor can I stop my hips from tipping back, welcoming him as his cock finds the entrance of my pussy again.

“Are you on birth control?” he asks in a strained voice.

I shake my head. “I haven’t really needed it…”

He thrusts forward suddenly, filling me up.

It’s no gentle penetration. One moment there’s prodding, a little bit of pressure, then I’m roughly being spread open.

But it doesn’t hurt. No, there’s something about it that feels so good, so raw. Like I needed this.

Pulling back, he leaves me panting with expectation. Then he slams forward again.

“Good,” he finally declares. “You won’t be fucking needing it.”

Reaching down, he grabs me by the hips and holds me in place as he slams himself in and out of me again and again.

I come almost at once. Exploding around him. My needy, sex deprived pussy grabbing on to him so tightly I’m not sure it will ever let go of his cock again.