Kiki’s claws were officially back out and Sam wasn’t waiting for Meagan’s reply. He was close to having the evidence he needed to end Kiki’s career as a troublemaker.

He held his hands up. “Sorry, ladies, but I have to throw up a stop sign. Since this is a contractual issue, there are legalities involved. If this footage is used and ends those kids’ runs on the show, they could potentially sue. I can’t release the film without studio approval. If I do, you two can figure out what to do with it.” He glanced between them. “You’re both welcome to curse me out over a cheeseburger at the diner down the road.”

“I’m going to stay here,” Kiki huffed. “I have some phone calls to make.” She turned and headed back into the house.

Meagan asked, “How about that burger?”

He arched a brow. “I’m surprised you’re willing to leave.”

“A very sexy man once told me that sometimes you just have to let go.”


IMAGES PLAYED IN Meagan’s sleepy haze. Of sitting at the table across from Sam, of sharing a strawberry milkshake, as if the strawberry cupcake icing hadn’t been enough. Of celebrating. Of telling Kiki where she stood. And of kissing Sam goodnight in the shadows behind the house. Then she fell asleep with her own hands on her body, wishing they had been his.

“Wake up, sweetheart.”

“Hmm.” Meagan snuggled into the warmth of the blanket. She was so tired. So very, very tired. And there was this sweet, warm touch she didn’t want to end. The scent of Sam lingered around her.

“Meg, honey, wake up.”

“Can’t wake up. Not yet.”

“Please.” Light touches tickled. Warmth trickled along her neck, a nibble of teeth on her earlobe. Wow. This felt real. She sat straight up. The blanket fell to her waist, exposing the skimpy tank top and matching boxers to the hungry blue eyes taking her in without one bit of reserve.


He sat next to her bed, fully dressed, the sun beaming through the window.

“What happened? Did I oversleep? What’s wrong?”

“You let everyone have the morning off, so no, you didn’t oversleep, but you weren’t answering your phone and I started to worry.”

Samantha pounced into her lap and purred. Meagan replied with a long stroke of her back. “Oh yes.” She remembered letting everyone sleep, but not her phone ringing. She reached for it and noted that Sam had called her at least a dozen times. “I can’t believe I didn’t hear it.” She set Samantha aside. “What’s going on? Why are you here?”

“Kiki took Jensen, Rena, Tabitha and some other dancer named Susie to breakfast. After last night, I didn’t think you’d like that.”

“Oh no.” She started to get up. “That can’t be good.” Sam leaned in and kissed her, his big hand on her shoulder, and her nipples went instantly stiff and achy.

“I sent Josh along for the ride,” he told her. “Kiki wasn’t pleased. Neither was Josh.”

Relief washed over her. “I seem to owe Josh big favors.”

“I owe Josh,” he said, setting the kitten on the floor and climbing in bed with her. “He’s calling me when they head this way. We’re alone. In a real bed.”

She bit her lip and curled her arms around his neck, no hesitation. She’d been dreaming about Sam all night. “This feels so very naughty, Sam. We might get caught.”

“Naughty, which means hot and fast, if we don’t want to get interrupted.”

“I like hot and fast,” she assured him, splaying her fingers over his crotch, and caressing the thick bulge. “And it seems you like hot and fast too.” She unzipped him, and slid her hand inside. “You like it a lot.”

His fingers wound around her neck. “Not nearly as much as I’m going to enjoy taking my time with you, someplace secluded and private and soon.”

“Promises, promises,” she said, gently gripping his cock.

He moaned softly.

“You like?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I like.”

“I’ll tell you a little story,” she said, caressing the slick, wet tip of his erection, and then nibbling his neck, then his ear.

“A story?”

“Hmm. You’ll like this story, but you have to take your pants off first.” She tugged them downward, helping him get as gloriously naked as she wanted him, even as he tugged his shirt over his head. Meagan settled between his legs, hand wrapping around his shaft. “Now for the story. This is the story of how I make you say thank you.”

And she drew him into her mouth. His hips lifted, he inhaled deeply, and she smiled at the reaction. She suckled and licked and played with him, until he tried to pull away, before he couldn’t. She teased him unmercifully. Before long, he was shaking, all that power that was Sam was radiating through him to her. His release came and she took it all, took him to the moment when he sighed in complete satisfaction, when he relaxed.

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