Page 37 of Code of Silence

His dark eyes bore down on mine. And for once, I don’t shrink back. I forget about why I’m here and the ripped dress that lies on the marble floor. My heart pounds and my pussy throbs. I’m wet for him.

I need to be reminded that I’m his.

It’s pathetic and completely wrong, but that’s us. Nothing about our lives has ever been clear. Or morally right.

I lick my parted lips, and whisper, “How many women have you fucked since me, Luca?” I shouldn’t ask, but the alcohol makes me daring. Stupid even. Why not cut myself and bleed for him?

He gives me a smile that makes my heart beat faster. “You really wanna know, Haven?” he asks, running his nose long my jaw.

“Yes,” I growl, trying to swallow. He still holds my neck back at an odd angle, and my pussy throbs, begging for his fingers to return.

“Five,” he answers. His nose runs along my chin. “Each one better than the last.”

I ball my fists and hit him in the arms.

“Get mad, baby,” he whispers roughly. “Spread those soft legs and let me show you why you were always my favorite.”


Another lie. I haven’t been with anyone else since her. And it’s going to stay that way.

She tries to push me away, but she’s unsuccessful. Her hands slap at my chest, but then they fall to my slacks. She undoes them quickly and shoves them down my thighs, along with my boxers. She grips the base of my hard cock, and I jump when she squeezes it.

I grip her chin, forcing her to look up at me. When our eyes meet, we both freeze. We’re both panting, my heart pounds and her beautiful amber eyes are swimming in tears. They look like honey.

“I hate you,” she whispers.

I almost believe that leaving her was wrong, but I wasn’t. I did what needed to be done. Someone else needed me more than she did, so I won’t apologize for that.

My free hand runs along her smooth pussy, her wetness covering my fingers. “Then why are you wet?”

She whimpers, rocking her hips against my hand, wanting more.

I slide a finger into her, teasing her once again. “Tell me you want me to fuck you.”


“Beg me to fuck you,” I interrupt her, leaning my face down to hers. My tongue darts out, running along her parted lips. I thrust a second finger into her, and she sucks in a ragged breath. Her legs tighten on my hips, pulling me closer to her. My cock is still in her hand, and she grips it like a vise. “Come on, Haven,” I coo. “Use that pretty mouth and tell me what you want.”

My fingers slide out of her and then back in, running my thumb over her clit. Her body jerks as she gasps. “Ffuucckk.”

“That’s right, baby.” I smile, doing it again. More forcefully.

I add a third finger, and she releases my cock. Her hands come up to my shoulders, and she digs her nails into my skin. “Oh, God …”

“Say it,” I whisper as my eyes roam her face. Her eyes are closed, her lips parted, and her chest rising and falling fast. I wonder when a man last touched her. I know she was lying. I didn’t find anything on her phone, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been seeing someone.

“Please,” she begs. “Please fuck me.”

Ripping her off the countertop, I carry her into the room. I throw her down onto the bed, her body bouncing a few times before I crawl on top of her. Spreading her legs with mine, I grip my cock and push into her, not waiting another second. I need her.

Her hands come up to my chest, but I pin them against the bed. She cries out as my hips begin to move. It’s not slow. I’m not making love to her. I’m fucking her.

She arches her back, crying out, as I fucking take what I want.

She’s never been able to tell me no, and I love that about her. How much she needs me. Things aren’t going to be any different than they were before, other than the fact we have a contract. One that states she can never leave me. Marriage into the Mafia is like being born into the Mafia. There is no escape other than death.



I OPEN MY eyes and roll over. A soft moan releases from my lips. I ache. Everywhere. It’d been too long, and I forgot how much stamina Luca had. He fucked me twice before I passed out. Then at one point, he woke me up, flipped me over, and took me from behind. I didn’t protest one bit. If I remember correctly, I begged him then too.

I came all over his cock and sheets. I’m gonna pay for that today. Getting up, I grab a shirt that is thrown over a chair and slip it on. He tore my underwear off last night, and I haven’t unpacked my stuff yet. Trying to be stubborn, I go without anything underneath. Thankfully, the shirt is long enough that it comes down close to my knees. I make my way down the stairs, listening for any voices. I’m not sure of his work schedule or if he is even still here. When my bare feet hit the landing, I see two men standing by the front door in the foyer, but they pay me no attention. And I hate how my stomach tightness at the thought of him needing this much security. It was never like this when he was in school. Or maybe I just didn’t see it.