Page 39 of Code of Silence

I pant as Emilee reaches up and takes Bones’s long and hard dick in her hand and begins to stroke it.

Luca’s lips trail over my collarbone and up my neck once again. “Oh, God,” I whimper, my legs tightening.

Bones and Emilee ignore us as he slides his hands into her long dark hair. His blue eyes so dark they look almost black as he stares down at her. I’ve never seen Bones in action, but I’ve heard about their sex life. I never understood her need to crawl to him whenever he called, but I see it right now. The way he looks at her like she rules his fucking world. She may be the one on her knees, but she’s the one in charge.

“Suck my cock, Em. Show them how good you are at being dirty,” he orders her.

Luca’s hand slides down my waist and undoes my shorts. My breath hitches when he pushes the zipper down.

I should look away, but I can’t. My eyes are glued to Emilee on her knees with Bones’s cock in her hands. Opening her mouth, she licks up his shaft, twirling her tongue around the tip before closing her lips over it.

Bones stares down at her. His tongue comes out and runs across his lips slowly.

“Watch her please him, baby,” Luca whispers in my ear. “’Cause you’re up next.” He presses his hips into my ass, and I feel his hard dick.

My heart pounds in my chest as he pushes my shorts down my legs. “Oh, God,” I whimper when he pulls my thong to the side and runs his finger over my pussy.

Emilee picks up her pace. Her head bobs back and forth as Bones begins to fuck her mouth harder. His hands still fist her hair, and he watches his cock slide in and out, biting his bottom lip. His biceps straining against his shirt. He lets out a moan at her performance.

My pussy tightens when Luca’s finger enters me. And I hitch in a breath when he shoves a second one in roughly.

“Do you like watching him use her?” Luca whispers hoarsely in my ear.

I nod, unable to speak.

He chuckles. “You’re so wet, Haven. Watching your best friend on her knees while I finger you turns you on.”

I moan when he rubs my clit with his thumb.

Emilee whimpers as Bones violently fucks her mouth. His hips slam into her, and I’m jealous. Not of him. But of her. I wanna please Luca the way she’s pleasing Bones. It turns me on to know that I can be that girl for him.

“Fuck, you’re good, Em.” Bones moans, throwing his head back, his Adam’s apple bobbing while he swallows. “Fuck, yeah. That’s it.”

Her hands grip his naked and toned thighs, and her hair bounces off her bare back.

I cry out when Luca enters a third finger into me.

“Shh.” He slaps his free hand over my mouth, silencing me, still holding my back to his front. “You’ll get your chance to be the center of attention,” he growls before biting my neck. A shiver runs through me.

Bones thrusts forward one last time before he lets out a moan, holding her head in place as he comes in her mouth, forcing her to swallow. He pulls out of her lips, and a trail of cum runs down her chin.

He doesn’t let her recover. He yanks her to her feet, then pulls her over to the couch that sits along the back wall. Sitting down, he spins her around to face us, then pulls her onto his lap. She straddles him backward, her knees up on the couch, her legs spread wide. Her once perfect makeup leaves black streaks down her face from his force. Her watery eyes are heavy, and she’s panting. He reaches his hands around her body. One goes to her breast, the other yanks her mini skirt up around her waist. He slides his hand into her red panties, and she whimpers. The wet spot evidence of her arousal.

And I understand why she so willingly drops anything for him at any given time. He just fucked her mouth, and she looks like she came.

He leans forward, whispering something in her ear. Her heavy eyes meet mine, and she licks her already wet lips.

My thighs clench. Luca removes his fingers from inside me, and I sag against him at the loss.

“You’re up,” he whispers, slapping me on the ass. “Lie on the floor.”

I comply without argument. Lying flat on my back, I look up at the ceiling, the room spinning. It reminds me of the Tilt-a-Whirl at the fair, and I pray that I don’t get sick. I should have never drunk as much as I did.

Luca comes to stand next to me. He unzips his jeans and then pulls his impressively large and very hard cock through the hole in his black boxers. I lick my lips. He falls to his knees, straddling me, and I reach out to grab his dick in my hands, but he grips my wrists, stopping me.