Page 5 of Code of Silence

“He’s a member of the Dark Kings,” Emilee whispers, her eyes darting around the now empty hallway.

Jasmine scoffs. “I don’t bow to anyone. And just ’cause you suck a Kings’s dick doesn’t mean I gotta kiss one’s ass.”

I hang my head. “Can we get back on track—”

“I gotta go,” Jasmine interrupts me. “But yeah, I’ll pick you both up a little after ten. Be ready and wear all black. Don’t wanna be seen. And don’t worry about the supplies. I got you covered.” Then she walks down the hallway and out the double doors, heading home for the day.

“Why are we wasting our time? You know she’ll be back with him tomorrow when he calls to cuss her out for what we do tonight.” Emilee sighs.

“Have anything better to do?” I ask.

She goes to answer, but a phone goes off.

My heart races as I look down at mine in my hand, hoping it’s Luca.

“Ugh.” She stomps her foot when she realizes it’s hers.

My teeth grind. Why do I do this? Why do I allow him to get me this worked up? Why do I care so much when it’s very clear he does not?

Ping. Ping.

“Who the hell is blowing up your phone?” I ask frustrated. “Your mother?”

Her parents are very strict. They don’t know just how wild their little girl is. She’s always pretended to be the innocent one in our tight circle. Even now, as a sophomore in college, she waits until they go to bed and then sneaks out to all the parties. I don’t know how she hasn’t been caught yet. I’ve had my mom lie to cover for her before. Jasmine’s too. Eventually, her mother is gonna catch on and ban her from hanging out with us.

Ping. Ping.

We come to a stop, and she shoves her books into my chest. I let out a puff of air, trying not to drop them along with my own.

“Who the hell knows.” She growls, dropping her backpack to the floor and digging her phone out of the side pocket.


“It’s Bones.” She sighs as her blue eyes run over the screen.

“Of course, it is.” I roll mine. She can get her fuckboy to message her, but I can’t get the guy I love to even acknowledge me.

She throws her backpack over one shoulder and types away. “He wants me to go meet him before baseball practice starts.”

“For a quickie?” I question. “E, you have to stop jumping on that. You’re at his beck and call every minute of the day.” I have never seen a girl so dick whipped. It’s actually pathetic. And the truth is, she doesn’t even love the guy. She is just that obsessed with his cock. And him with her pussy.

Her blue eyes pin me with a challenge, and I stiffen, knowing what’s coming. “Do you wanna be the pot or the kettle?”

Her words make me hate Luca Bianchi even more. Damn him … “It’s different.”

“Explain it to me.” She arches a perfectly dark brow while pushing a hip out.

I can’t.

The only difference is that I love the guy who uses me.

Sighing, she adds, “I’m sorry, I …”

“It’s okay.” I wave her off. It’s not her fault I’m pissy. Or that Luca has forgotten about me.

She bites her pink painted bottom lip. Her blue eyes drop back down to look at her phone, and I see her fighting the battle of telling him to go to hell or meeting him to fuck his brains out.

“His dick can’t be that good,” I argue.

She rips her books from my arms. “He’s going through a lot right now.”

Bones is … for lack of a better word, a fucking prick! Everyone knows him and his three friends as the Dark Kings, and they’re all fucking arrogant pieces of shit. Titan, Cross, and Bones are all seniors this year with Luca. Grave, Bones’s younger brother, is a junior. The Kings are just like Luca—going to take over for their fathers and rule the world. Emilie, Jasmine, and I chose to stay because we didn’t wanna leave each other behind. We knew that day would come eventually, but we’re trying to put it off for as long as we can.

“And your pussy is his therapist?” I ask.


“I gotta go.” She storms down the hall, her mind made up. The pinging fades as she leaves me to go meet him in the men’s locker room to suck his dick.

With a sigh, I grab my black leather strap to my white Louis Vuitton Discovery backpack and turn the corner, heading to the library. Most students are done for the day, but I stay late on Fridays to do an hour tutoring session. I’ve always made straight A’s. And when the school year started, I found a few kids in my classes weren’t quite ready for the curriculum, so I offered to tutor them.