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Giving me his back, he lets out a long breath, trying to calm his anger. He begins to pace back and forth. “He said he and your father have a deal?”

I don’t miss how he avoids talking about him and this club. “Yes.”

Pulling out his cell, he types out a quick message and then places it back in his pocket. “Did he say he would see you again?” he asks through clenched teeth.

“Not until the wedding.”

He nods once. “Is he planning on keeping in contact?”

I shake my head. “He didn’t say.”

He comes over to me and taking my upper arm, he ushers me out of the room and locks the office door behind us.


She stays silent while I drive her back to our house. As soon as the car comes to a stop, I pull out my cell and send a text.

Me: Get your ass home. Now!

Nite reads it immediately and responds.

Nite: Yes, sir.

“Go straight to our room and do not leave,” I tell her.

She stops and turns to face me. “Luca—”

“For the love of God, Haven, do as you’re told. Just this once!” I shout.

She lifts her chin, crosses her arms over her chest, and storms up the stairs to our bedroom. I go straight to my office and open my gun safe. Pulling out my silencer, I tighten it on the end of my barrel and sit down behind my desk just as my door opens. My two newest bodyguards enter, both laughing like hyenas as they sit down across from me.

“Hey, Boss, what do you think about …?”

I shoot him in the head, then the other next to him. They both sit there dead. Their necks bent back at an odd angel from the force of my bullets at such a close range and blood dripping from their wounds onto my carpet. I’ll have it ripped up tonight and replaced by tomorrow morning. Their arms hang down off the sides of the chairs.

They were rats.

They worked for Rossi. They had to be the ones. He told Haven he would create a diversion, and I never got a call that she was leaving the house. I never got a notification that my driver took her anywhere. They had set it all up. She never mentioned that she saw them, so they weren’t personally involved. He just made sure to put them in the right position to give him what he wanted. Her. And they knew that she went to see her mother yesterday. I had them follow her and bring her back. Maybe they informed him they overheard her talking to her mother, and he got spooked, needed to make a play. Add that to the fact I raided his chapel, and it’s all making sense.

I pull out my cell. It rings three times before the man answers. “Luca …”

“I flushed the system,” I tell Titan.

“Take their phones. I’m sure they have to check in. We don’t want to alert Rossi that they are no longer with us.” He hangs up.

Two men he thought he trusted had been moles set in place months ago to give Rossi intel. He always hated that the Kings had loyalty to the Bianchi family. Who knows how long ago he set his plan in motion? Maybe he was using them to fuck over the Kings and just so happened to catch a break when Titan loaned them to me. Well, whatever plan he was, we’re about to fuck it all up.


I bring my car to a stop outside her parents’ residence. Bones and I exit the car, and I grab the black bag from the back seat. I had messaged him before Haven and I ever left Glass and told him to be at my house at midnight tonight. I needed his help, and I knew he wouldn’t let me down. He has just as much right to be here as I do. We’re all on high alert.

We walk in like we own the place and climb the stairs. I know the bastard is here. And I also know he doesn’t have much security. He never was smart. He and his wife are always carrying, but he’s too cheap to hire men.

I open his office door without even knocking.

He looks up at me and Bones and smiles like the fucking fool he is. “Well hello, boys. It’s a little late for you all to be making house calls, isn’t it?” He chuckles. “What can I do for you?”

“You could sign these for me.” I toss a stack of papers onto the surface of his desk. I had my dear old friend Titan type me up some papers earlier while we figured out our plan.

He reaches for his glasses that sit on his desk and places them on, squinting down at the papers. “What is this?”