Page 68 of Code of Silence

I shrug. “Somewhere with your brother.”

He smiles. “I see.” And then he straightens. “What can I get you lovely ladies?”

“Two shots of Patrón.”


Nite: We’re at Crown.

I read the message that Nite sends me.

Me: Stay with her.

I respond before placing my phone back in my pocket.

“Thanks,” Bones says into his cell and places it on his desk, leaning back in his chair. “My source says he’s not in Vegas.”

“Well, he was,” Titan says, sitting in the chair next to me. “And he’ll be back.” He looks over at me. “Your wedding”—he makes air quotes— “is days away. He will want to do the job himself.”

I rub my chin in thought. “Yeah, but we can’t let him get that close. I don’t want Haven anywhere near that situation. But I can’t call off the ceremony. That will be suspicious. Throw up too many red flags.”

“You need to publicly make the current venue unavailable,” Bones suggests.

Not a bad idea. “I’m listening.”

He sits up straighter. “Force him to go where you want him to. We will be ready for him. You could even have it here if you want. We can arrange for snipers on the roof of Kingdom. They’ll be able to see him and his men a mile away. Not to mention he won’t be able to turn the opportunity down since he wants us too.”

“He knows we’ll be at the wedding no matter where it’s held,” Titan argues.

“Yes, but this gives him an advantage,” Bones says.

“How?” Titan asks.

“By letting him think he can kill us on our own turf.” He shrugs. “Rossi is a cocky son of a bitch. And to take us all out on Kingdom property …? He’ll be drooling at the chance.”

“It could work,” I say. “But Haven …”

“Won’t even be here,” Bones adds.

“Where will she be?” Titan asks the same thing I’m thinking.

“She’ll be at our compound with our security.”

“I want Nite with her,” I say, thinking about my options.

“Whoever you want.” Bones nods.

“He’ll want to fight with you,” Titan adds. “He’s loyal to you.”

“Then he will do what I tell him to,” I growl, knowing he’s right. I want him with Haven. There are only five guys I trust with my life who are not blood related, and Nite is number fucking one. Two of the other four are currently in this room.

“I don’t know,” Titan speaks. “It could still tip him off. He pulls Haven away from you to speak to her. Then his men go missing. Now you want to make the one location he plans on killing us out of the game?” He shakes his head. “He could get spooked. Think she informed you of his plan. What are the odds that someone else besides her knows his plan?”

Bones smiles. “He’ll get nervous. And men who are nervous will fuck up.”

I stand, making up my mind. “I need to talk to Cross.”



I STUMBLE OUT of the elevator laughing. Jasmine has her arm hooked through mine and her free hand on the wall to help stabilize us.

We had a lot to drink at the club. Grave hooked us up. The shots just kept coming, and we kept swallowing them.

I see the two guys standing guard outside our hotel suite. They look at Nite, and he nods once. I’m sure it’s some code for we’re all right. Just two wasted women who can’t hold their liquor. Jasmine already puked twice in the bathroom, then she washed her mouth out with a shot of vodka. I threw up once in the bathroom sink.

Good times.

We come up to the door. She tries to push the door open, but it doesn’t budge. Leaning forward, she places her face to the door and cups her lips. “Please open up.”

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask with a laugh.

“Communication is key,” she slurs.

I shove her out of the way so hard she falls onto her ass. “You had way too many cocktails,” I say, but my laughter grows.

“I haven’t had any cock yet tonight.” She looks up at Nite. “How about—”

“Stop it,” I interrupt her. Poor Nite. He probably hates Luca for putting him on babysitting duty. I wanna ask why he isn’t with Mia anymore but stop myself before I do. This is not the place, and Jasmine may be my best friend, but no one is supposed to know that Mia exists. Plus, he wouldn’t answer me anyway.

“I’m gonna give up alcohol,” she states, sitting up to place her back against the black and gold wallpaper of the hallway.

I snort and dig through my purse for the hotel key. I hope I grabbed it.

“I’m going to do sober October.”

I look down to see Nite grab her arms and lift her drunken body up off the floor. “It’s May,” I inform her.

She shrugs awkwardly. “And no sex November.”