Page 7 of Code of Silence

“Lie …” I breathe but so badly wish it was the truth.

His hand travels up my back and fists my hair. I wore it down today in hopes that I would see him. “I pulled up that naughty picture I took of you last week.” Oh, shit. “The one where you’re lying on my bed naked with your hand between your legs. I stroked my cock thinking of you.”

“Luca.” I pant. Please don’t stop.

“I pictured you on your knees while I fucked your mouth …”

I whimper. That’s his favorite. He loves it when I give him head. He says I’m the best, but I call bullshit. It’s not that hard to open your mouth and let a guy fuck it. It doesn’t take any actual talent. But then again, I’ve never had a dick, so I guess not all girls suck the same. I did have a friend who couldn’t lick a lollipop more than five times before she would just bite it to pieces. I wonder if that’s how she gives head?

His free hand slides up my side to my chest. Dipping into my crimson V-neck shirt, he squeezes my breasts over my bra. I want him to rip the constricting fabric off. “And I imagined you on your hands and knees while I fucked that pretty little cunt from behind.”

My hands grip his black fitted T-shirt. My thighs tighten when he talks to me that way. He has a filthy mouth in and out of the bedroom. It’s one thing I’ve always liked about him. I’m not as prissy and uptight as the kids at this college think.

His mouth is on mine. My back is pressed into the rock wall. Nightfall covers us in darkness. I don’t care. All I can think about is him. All I can feel is him. And all I want is him.

“Please, Luca?” I pull away, panting.

His hands trail down my shirt and over to my ribs. They burn like my insides. My entire body is on fire. “You sure you’re ready?” he asks as his lips kiss my neck.

“Yes.” My hands grip his shirt, yanking him closer to me. I can’t get him close enough.

He reaches for the hem of my shirt and rips it over my head. I almost cry as the hot air hits my bare skin. I don’t have a bra on, and my nipples ache as they rub against the fabric of his shirt.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted you for so long …” He trails off, and then I feel his lips on my nipples.

I gasp and dig my hands into his hair. Thrusting my head back, I bang my head on the rock and close my eyes. His hands go to my jean shorts, and I help him shove them along with my underwear down my legs.

His hands go to my naked thighs, and my legs shake. “Nervous, baby?”

I can hear the amusement in his question. I’m a virgin, and I’m very aware that he isn’t. I could kill that bitch Lucy Bellinger for fucking him. She took what I wanted. He never really dated her, but they hooked up. Over and over again. Her dad is friends with his, and they’re always over at his house, so it was bound to happen. Typical story—he used her, and she fell for him. But that was two years ago. She moved away, and somehow, he noticed me. We’ve been seeing each other for a month now, and although that’s not much time, I’ve known him all my life. I’ve wanted him for years. Now is my chance, and I’m not going to let it go.

“No,” I growl and undo his jeans.

“I’m going to fuck you right here,” he warns me. As if I should be scared.

“Yes.” I’m not.

He finds my hands and shoves them above my head, pinning them to the rock in one of his. I whimper, pushing my hips into his.

His free hand reaches between our bodies and moves between my legs. He cups my pussy before sliding a finger into me.

“Luca …” I gasp his name, the sensation making heat run up my spine.

“Fuck, you’re wet, Haven,” he growls, lowering his head to my neck. “And so fucking tight. Your pussy is going to feel so good.”

I pump my hips, not really knowing what I’m doing but needing more. “Please?” I beg.

He removes his finger, and then I feel the head of his cock rub against me. Just when I think I can’t take anymore, he pushes into me.

I scream out into the dark night as he stretches me, and a burning sensation rips through me.

He slaps his now free hand over my mouth, pressing my body into the rock wall. It’s the only thing that shields us from my parents’ house. My hands fight with his to release me, but he holds them prisoner above my head.