Page 71 of Code of Silence

News crews surround him. “What do you have to say about the burning of the cathedral?” one female reporter asks.

“Do you believe it’s a sign from God to not marry?” another chimes in.

“You ever realize how stupid these damn questions are that the reporters ask?” Jasmine asks, shoving popcorn into her mouth.

“Yep,” I answer.

Luca comes to a stop, slowly pushes his black shades to the top of his head. All chatter stops but the flashes from their cameras continue. He looks at the camera in his face and speaks. “What happened at St. Mary’s Cathedral was a terrible loss. That’s why I’m going to have it rebuilt.” The people who surround him ahh and gasp at his generosity.

“Oh, he’s good.” Jasmine chuckles.

“Yeah, he is.” I sigh.

The reporters start yelling, but he raises his hand to stop them. They silence at once. “And my wedding to the lovely Haven Knowles is still on. A fire isn’t going to stop me from making her my wife.”

I turn off the TV.

“Hey, I was watching that,” Jasmine protests.

I stand from the couch and begin to pace. “He’s making a point.”

“To Rossi,” she adds.

“That he’s changed the location.” The fire was ruled an accident.

The cathedral was old and needed updates. I guess they had had an inspection six months ago and were told that things needed to be replaced.

Such bullshit!

I know it. Luca knows it, and the Kings know it. Nothing would have caused an explosion that big at that time of night. I could see them saying a candle lit set drapes on fire. Blah. Blah. Blah. But an explosion that brought down such a large portion of that big of a building in such a short time?

They paid off someone. That’s the only situation that makes sense. I haven’t brought it up and neither has he. He’s been MIA for the most part. If he’s not at Glass, he’s here meeting with the Kings. I’m getting restless. It’s supposed to be our wedding day. Well, our fake one.

Nite is here with me, but Luca said he wouldn’t be back until later tonight and not to wait up for him. No one has filled me in with their new plan or location for the ceremony. No surprise there.

I do know that they plan on shipping my mother away. For protection, she had said. Just in case shit goes sideways, they wanted her protected.

I didn’t argue. At this point, I just want us all to survive.

I overheard Luca telling Nite that the jet was fueled and waiting for us in case things don’t go how he plans. I guess he’s going to ship me off to Italy with Mia if Rossi wins.

I’ve prayed nonstop that he doesn’t. But I highly doubt God is listening to me after my husband burned down a cathedral. We can hope.

“It’s going to be okay,” Jasmine speaks, getting through the fog.

I come to a stop and stare down at her. Tears filling my eyes. “And if it’s not?” I can’t help but ask.

She stands and walks over to me. “Then we’ll leave together.” She gives me a soft smile. “We’re ride or die bitches. You go, and I go.”

I open my mouth to argue with her, but my cell begins to ring on the coffee table. I pick it up, and my heart picks up.

“Who is that?” she asks as I just stand staring down at it.

“Blocked number.” I swallow.

“Answer it,” she insists.

I shake my head. “I can’t …”

“Haven.” She takes it from my hand. “If it’s who we think it is, you need to talk to him. What if he suspects this happened on purpose, and he just watched Luca on TV? We need him to tell you his plan. To protect Luca, Nite, your mother, and the Kings. All involved.”

“You’re right.” I nod. He’s not only my father but also a very powerful man. I need to be ahead of the game. For others’ sake. I quickly look around the massive suite. “Where is Nite?” I don’t want him to hear this.

“He’s in the shower.”

“Answer it,” I tell her.

She slides her finger across the screen before it stops ringing and puts it on speakerphone.

I clear my throat and try to sound like I’m not a scared little bitch. “Hello?”

“Hello, daughter.”

I cringe at the word. “Rossi.”

“I just saw Bianchi on the news. Terrible thing that happened to the cathedral.”

I rub my sweaty hands down my thighs. “Yeah.”

“You must be happy.”

I frown, confused by what he means. “Happy?”

“Why, yes. Your wedding is postponed.”

“Oh, yes. Very much so.” I forgot that he thinks I hate Luca. That I don’t want this wedding any more than he does.

“I’m sending a car.”

What? My wide eyes go to Jasmine. “No, I—”

“I will see you in one hour,” he interrupts me. “My driver will be outside of Kingdom for you. Don’t make him wait.”