Page 77 of Code of Silence

She wipes her tear-streaked face, and whispers, “I went to the cops …”

“Motherfucker!” I hiss.

She jumps to her feet. “I did it for us. I thought if they could convict him, then I’d be free of him. Of this lie.”

I reach back and slap her across the face, knocking her back into her seat. She cups her cheek, crying out. I grip her hair and yank her head back. Getting in her face, I growl. “You were just a fuck to me,” I lie. “Do you understand that?” I shake her.

“I … love you,” she chokes out.

I can’t afford to love her. Not anymore. I understand this life very well. And she just fucked herself. “You are one very stupid woman.” She shakes. “You are also a very dead woman.” Letting her go, I take a step back.

“Wait,” she cries. “Please don’t go. I didn’t know that John would do this. He wasn’t supposed to find out …”

“You’ve done this to yourself,” I tell her, knowing there is nothing I can do for her. John Bianchi will have her taken out next. He won’t do it himself. If so, she’d be dead right now. No, he’ll pay someone to do it. And I hate him for it. I hate her for being so fucking stupid. This will ruin more than just her life. My ties to the Bianchi family will be severed. John won’t take the chance of getting caught now that she’s broken her silence. No wonder the feds are digging around. John will have to pay off the cops. It’ll cost him. It’ll cost all of us.

“Rossi, please …”

“They’ll come for you,” I tell her. “The best thing you can do is run.” Then I turn and leave her.

I walk down the steps to her house and get into my car. Pulling out my cell, I call up John.


“You killed your brother?” I growl.

“Yes. I saved both of our asses,” he answers. “Whatever they have on me, they have on you as well.”

“And Ava?” I question, needing to hear him say it.

“It must be done,” he says.

“Bianchi …”

“You are the one who fell in love with a snitch, Rossi. Let Marco’s body be a warning of what happens to those who forget their place in this world.” Click.



I WATCH ROSSI stir on the dirt. He lets out a moan and tries to move. “What …?” he questions, opening his eyes.

“What was your favorite game to play in school?” I ask the Kings.

“Tug of war,” Titan answers. “I always loved when a kid challenged me to rip his arms off. Literally.”

“What the fuck, Luca?” Rossi demands, now coherent. He fights the restraints around his arms and ankles.

I kneel beside him. “Thank you for digging that grave. It’s going to save me a lot of time.”

“Luca …”

I stand and place my fingers in my mouth, letting out a whistle, signaling Grave and Cross we’re ready to go.

The engine to the limo and Bones’s car come to life, and they place them both in drive. The chains wrapped around Rossi’s bound wrists and ankles pull tight.

He throws his head back, grinding his teeth as the Kings slowly begin to drive away from one another.

While he was passed out, we secured the chains around him and connected them to the bumpers of the cars. We are going to rip him in half.

“LUCA!” he screams as the seams of his shirt rip under his arms. His body pulled so taut it lifts it inches off the desert ground. “Argh,” he grounds out. His face turns red, and his shirt rides up, showing off his stomach. You can see the skin pulled so tight it’s white as a ghost. Ready to split.

He tries to take a deep breath, but he can’t. The cars hold him at a standstill. Neither one moving any farther. I give a nod, and they hit the gas. It rips his body in half. Blood squirts everywhere, and his insides fall out. Both parts of his body being dragged away by the cars.

Titan hits me on the back, and I smile. One sorry bastard down. I don’t care who he was. He can’t hurt my wife anymore.

The cars come to a stop, and I walk over to his torso and head. I unhook the chain from the bumper and drag his ass over to the grave and kick it in. Bones repeats the process with his lower half. Grave, Cross, and I grab the extra shovels we brought and start throwing the dirt over his body parts, knowing he’ll never be found out here.

There has always been a misconception about the Nevada desert. Some say that it’s too hard to bury bodies out here. Those would be the people too lazy to dig. It’s doable. I’ve done it plenty of times. And I know this isn’t the Dark Kings’ first body they’ve thrown dirt on. Just depends on how hard you’re willing to work to hide your evidence.