She held it up to the light as if studying the sleek pleasure machine. Lily cleared her throat and lowered her voice to a stage whisper. “Horny at the office?” she asked. “Slip this little magic pill under your skirt and ease that ache.”

Cracking up, I yanked her to where a rack of devil and angel costumes hid us from the register, pulled her to me, and claimed her mouth in a hot, quick kiss. “Do you know that I’m going to have both the funniest and dirtiest wife?”

She lifted her chin, pouted her lips. “I’m sure that’s what you dreamed of as a kid.”

“Ha. Let’s hope not. But it’s definitely perfect for me now. You’re perfect for me now and forever.” I slid a hand around her ass.

She wiggled against my hand, and I couldn’t resist. I inched my fingers under her skirt. Even though it was tight, I could still get my hand under it. God bless skirts and her commitment to wearing them nearly every day. Access was one of my guilty pleasures with her, except I never felt guilty about pleasure. Not when I could graze my fingers against her upper thighs.

“Finn,” she chided, “we’re in public.”

“As if that has stopped you before.” My hand inched higher, my fingers on a fast track for the firm swell of her cheeks. I pinched, and she groaned quietly, squirming against my palm. “You’re such an ass man.”

“No. I’m an everything man with you,” I said, licking her neck, tasting her skin.

She shuddered as my fingers explored farther, touching the panel of her panties. She was already damp. This could work.

“And you love everything, too,” I added.

“You know I do,” she murmured. “Love that filthy mouth of yours most of all. Love the way you tell me how you want me.”

“You want it here, don’t you? Right in this store?”

Her eyes said yes. “I do.”

“I could take you into the dressing room and have you with my fingers,” I said, trying to set the stage for where I wanted this scene to go.

Her eyes darted around the store. Mostly empty. The Penn Badgley lookalike was ringing someone up. This was perfect timing.

“Can you be fast?” she whispered.

I squeezed her ass hard. “Can you be fast? That’s the question.”

“I promise.”

I narrowed my eyes, issuing a command. “You’ve got three minutes to come, or I’ll stop. Got it?”

Trembling, Lily nodded her yes, grabbed a devil costume, and went straight to the dressing room. Seconds later, I followed her there, closing the half door. It was like a bathroom stall—anyone who walked past could tell there were two people in here.

Even better.

She liked the thrill that she might be seen.

My hand was up her skirt in seconds flat. My fingers glided inside her panties, then in her. She was soaked, and my shaft jumped to iron-spike level. “Be quiet. Don’t want anyone to hear you,” I whispered.

She swiveled her hips, grinding shamelessly down against my fingers. “I don’t,” she whispered, “but what if we get caught?”

She gushed as she asked the question. She loved the idea of being caught.

Lust tore through my body as I crooked my fingers inside her. “Or what if someone watched?”

She gasped, her lips forming an O, her eyes widening.

Yes, now we were getting somewhere.

I kept going, heading down this path. “What if Penn Badgley walked by?”

She bit down on her bottom lip, as if fighting like hell not to cry out. But a broken gust of pleasure seemed to cross her lips. And her hips, dear God, her sexy hips were grinding and rocking against my hand.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I asked.

She nodded, murmuring a shuddery, “Yes.”

“What if he stopped, opened the door, and saw how hard you like it with my fingers?”

She trembled, her hips going wild, bucking.

“Bet my dirty girl would like to show him how hard she comes, let him hear how loud she is.”

She groaned louder, and I slammed my free hand against her mouth, covering her. “You would, wouldn’t you?”

A nod against my palm was her answer.

“You’d be so goddamn loud,” I whispered. “He’d know you like it in public. He’d know you like it every way I give it to you.”

Her eyes squeezed shut. Her expression tightened. That look of approaching bliss spread across her face.

Now was my chance to push, to find out. “Bet you’d even like it if he wanted to take you too.”

She tensed all over, stilled for a long, terrifying moment. Had I gone too far? Suggested too much?

But then she was shaking, falling apart on my hand here in the store with the celebrity lookalike no more than twenty feet away.

I hadn’t gone too far at all.

Her skin was flushed, the sexiest shade of pink I’d ever seen.

When she opened her eyes and I slid my fingers out of her, she trembled, grabbed my arm like she’d fall if she didn’t hold on to me, and simply whispered, “Wow.”

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