Was that crazy? Or was it the good kind of crazy?

* * *

The line for Edge was long, but Finn called me over to where he stood by the door. The owner, another one of his cousins, let us in. We thanked Brent then headed for the bar, ordering mojitos.

Seconds later, Nina joined us. “I haven’t seen you in soooo long,” she teased.

“I know. Let’s never spend more than eight hours apart.”

“It’s a promise,” she said.

“Yes. Now, I need a gin and tonic.”

“Then, you shall have one.”

We added to the order, and when the drinks arrived, I took the first swallow of my cocktail then tugged Finn closer. I was ready to be in his orbit, not the ones of my friends anymore. I loved my girls madly, but I’d already fueled up from my conversations with them. The different chats with Nina and Kate had emboldened me. I said to my guy, “I know how you love mojitos. Taste it on me.”

He obliged, claiming my lips, sucking on my tongue.

“Don’t let us interrupt anything.” Jake must have just shown up, and his voice thrummed through me, my pulse spiking.

Had his voice always been this sexy?

I broke the kiss, feeling a sliver of guilt. I should be arrested for fantasizing about my almost-husband’s best friend. But truthfully, I knew myself, knew my mind. The fantasies weren’t about Jake—they were about me. About Finn and me, and about our love life.

I’d never entertained dirty dreams of sleeping with other men.

I didn’t even think of Jake that way after Kate had planted the seed.

I only pictured the three of us—or really, the two men servicing me.

All my dreams were of us together. Finn, me, and another man.

I tried my best to table those thoughts as Adam arrived. He and Nina lived in the same building, on the same floor in fact. They’d always had a friendly teasing vibe between them. And fine, maybe I had a little matchmaker in me, but I could see them together too. Except, she’d probably deny it as vociferously as Kate had.

“At last, the party can start. I am here,” Adam said, arms held out wide, like arriving royalty.

“Yes, yes. We wouldn’t deign to start without you,” Nina deadpanned.

“Good answer,” he said with a wink.

“The only answer,” she said and for a second, my mind wandered again to after dark affairs. Nina had talked about fantasies and I wondered if hers involved him at all.

And if his involved her.

Or maybe fantasies were simply on my mind. Adam snagged a whiskey and the six of us toasted to the coming weekend and caught up on work, while I kept my mind on the moment, not on after-dark options.

It worked for a while, and soon Jake ordered another round for all of us. We all seemed to flow in and out of each other’s conversations—Adam and Nina were wrapped up in a conversation about the best new podcasts on science and travel, with Kate and Finn weighing in, while I took the lead when the talk turned to sports.

As I knocked back more of the drink, Finn banded an arm around my waist possessively. He dipped his face to my neck, kissing me. A groan seemed to rumble up his chest as I turned to face him.

He sealed his mouth to mine, hard and rough in front of our friends, something he’d done countless times before.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was claiming me. I wasn’t sure if his roughness meant something or nothing.

When he broke the kiss, I arched a brow. “Are you marking me?”

He shook his head. “I don’t have to mark you to know you’re mine.” That answered my question; he wasn’t marking me. And it reconfirmed that his faith in us as a forever thing was so damn strong, he didn’t have to claim me.

He’d already done so for all intents and purposes.

“I’m always yours,” I said. I grabbed his hand and tugged him to the dance floor, eager to feel that sultry freedom.

We joined the sea of beautiful people on the dance floor. Time to get lost in the music, to let it move through me.

Finn danced smoothly. His hips swayed side to side as he brought me close, my ass against his pelvis. He was subtle, moving in a long, indulgent kind of rhythm, and I was even more aroused in seconds.

That was when I took the next step.

My eyes wandered, roaming the club, picturing male bodies, moving them like chess pieces around my sexual fantasy board. A knight here, a bishop there.

None got me closer to what I’d envisioned earlier until my gaze drifted to the bar.

To our crew of friends.

Jake’s crooked grin had spread on his face as he chatted with them, oblivious to us. Stubble lined his jaw, and I wondered briefly what that faint trace of a beard would feel like on my breasts, my belly, my thighs.

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