Yes, he was the third person.

It had to be him.

I shivered, and Finn gripped my waist tighter, yanking my body closer. “You’re watching our friends,” he whispered roughly in my ear.

I swallowed, and worried briefly that I’d been caught stealing.

But nothing in his voice suggested anger. Everything in it spoke of desire, underlined by that same confidence he possessed when he’d talked about marking me, about not needing to. Perhaps the reason he wasn’t jealous was that he knew who I went home to.

Who I’d always go home to.

And because he had his fantasies, and I had mine. “Yes, I’m watching them,” I said, admitting the barest of truths. A start.

“And what are you thinking?”

“How pretty they all are,” I said, grinning as I glanced back at him.

“Yes, they’re all so very pretty,” he said, joking.

Kate looked over at us, and her eyes locked with mine. They seemed to say something. Something like I know what you want.

A few seconds later, Jake pulled his gaze away from the others. His dark eyes locked with . . . mine?

I startled. Did they really, or did I imagine it?

My breath caught in my throat, and Finn noticed, because he dusted his lips up my neck to my ear. “You like when people watch us.”

It was a statement, clear and commanding. He knew the answer.

“Yes,” I said, and a small knot of worry in me loosened as we danced closer to the secret wish inside me. “Don’t you?”

He nodded against my neck, his hands circling my waist tighter. “Love it. Love it so damn much, because I know what we have.”

“What do we have?”

“Love, trust, faith,” he whispered, and the words were charged with sensuality, as if trust were a black lace garter and faith were our king-size bed.

Maybe they were one and the same.

“We do have that. Does that turn you on?” I asked.

“It does, because I know nothing will change it,” he said, and those words were iron, they were stone.

He didn’t need to keep me all to himself, because he knew I belonged to him. But would he share me?

I danced against him, raising my arms into the air, my body moving like water. “What if someone did watch us?” I asked, taking a chance, another small step out of the realm of imagination.

“I bet you’d like it. Just like you did the other night.”

His comment was so nonchalant, so casual that it caught me off guard. Were we talking hypothetically or specifically? About Jake or about the guy from the store? Or anyone? I didn’t know, but I had to find out. Adam and Nina had stepped away to say hi to someone. This was my chance to take one more step toward my fantasy.

“I like when people see how hot we are for each other,” I ventured, my gaze drifting again to Jake and Kate. “Even people we know.”

Finn grazed his hand down my belly. “I see where you’re looking, baby. And I bet you’d love it if he saw what you did to me.”


We were talking about the man we knew. We weren’t talking about the man from the store any longer.

My skin turned electric, and pleasure popped inside me like a drug, an intoxicating drug that flooded my veins with endorphins.

I rubbed against his erection. “What do I do to you?”

“You make me so hard when you tell me your fantasies. I want to make them all come true.” He ran his hands down my thighs and all I could think was Kate was right. Kate was definitely right. Finn wanted me to have all my dirty dreams. “All of them, Lily. Every damn one.”

We were close, so close. “Every one?” I asked nervously.

“Every one. Like how aroused you get when people watch us. You love it because you’re so damn sexual and so incredibly mine.”

“I am yours. You know that, right?”

“I damn well know it.” He growled. “And you better, too.”

“I do. I absolutely do.” I ran my hands behind me, across his firm stomach, tracing the outline of his hard abs, then down to his belt and lower. “What if I slipped my hand into your pants here? Would you like that? Would that turn you on knowing someone’s watching?”

I looked over once more to the group. They were engrossed in each other, but it had to be clear where I was looking.

It had to be clear where we were going.

“Yes. Yes, it would. So, tell me, baby. Tell me what we’re doing right now in your fantasies.” His voice was urgent, desperate, like he had to know to survive this night.

Love, trust, faith.

This was it. This was the moment to test. To find out the truth. Could we sustain this fantasy? Would his be mine and vice versa? And could we move through it and come out on the other side, even closer?

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