My hips arched, and my mouth watered.

My eyes drifted to Jake, who took off his briefs, his impressive length greeting me with a full salute.

Thick, long, and pink. I’d guess about eight inches. Just like Finn’s. Just the way I liked it.

I licked my lips.

Jake grinned and gave his length a long, teasing stroke. “You like what you see? Your eyes say you do.”

Shuddering, I nodded, my fingers picking up the pace.

Jake’s gaze snapped to my legs. “Your fingers are talking, too.”

I let out a long moan. “Touch yourselves,” I told them. Because holy hell—this moment was at the top of my fantasies. Two carved bodies, two beautiful men, two proud erections.

Two libidos trained on me.

Finn stroked himself again, and Jake did the same, and I nearly exploded. It was so intensely sexy that I could barely take the swirl of desire in my body.

They were both so manly, so dirty, and they were going to be inside me tonight.

I dragged my finger along my panties, desperate for release. I looked at Finn. “Please go down on me. I need to come. Need to come so badly.”

“Enough said,” my man replied, and in one swift move, he was on the bed, peeling off my panties and burying his face between my legs. Instantly, I arched off the mattress, my back bowing, my body gripped by pleasure.

Closing my eyes, I gave in to the wicked sensation of his mouth consuming me. Finn had gone down on me countless times, hundreds of times. Who knew how many? But this felt different. This felt like a devouring. He was consuming me. Eating me, drinking me, lapping me up.

I writhed, gripping his head, then when I opened my eyes, they slid to Jake, who’d moved to the side of the bed. He stood next to me, staring with hooded eyes, his gaze intense as he stroked himself faster and faster.

“That’s not fair,” I pouted.

Finn looked up but didn’t stop lavishing attention on my aching center.

Jake lifted a brow. “What’s not fair?”

“You touching yourself when it could be me.”

Out of the corner of my vision, I noticed Finn’s eyes twinkle with naughty satisfaction. I lifted my hand, beckoning Jake closer, then I wrapped my palm around his shaft.

He was hot to the touch, the skin so smooth over the hard steel of him. He shuddered as I touched him, then pumped into me as I stroked faster, tightening my hand into a fist.

Finn sped up, too, and I wasn’t going to last long. I was close, so close. My muscles tightened, my belly coiling, a signal that I was about to enter the promised land.

Finn spread his palms across my thighs, opening me wider as he devoured me with a fierce and wild sort of determination. As for Jake, he moaned and rocked into my fist. A bead of liquid formed at the head, and I swiped my thumb over it, then brought my thumb to my lips, licking it off.

Jake groaned. “That’s so hot.”

“You taste good,” I told him, and I opened my mouth. “Let me taste more of you.”

Jake moved one knee to the bed, gripping the headboard with his other hand, and offered me his shaft. I rose up on my elbows, ready to take him in as Finn lashed me with his tongue and consumed me with his mouth.

But I was gripped by a wave of pleasure so powerful, so exquisite, that I couldn’t think.

Could only cry out in bliss.

My body was awash in ecstasy as my climax stole over me, surprising me as it crashed the party early.

But I let it, dear God, I let it as Jake took over for me, gripping himself near my face as I gave in, sinking back onto the covers, thrashing and screaming as I came harder than I expected.

I moaned, sighing deeply as Finn rose up, wiped a hand across his mouth, then met my gaze. His eyes were wild, heated. He looked like he had a wicked secret.

He turned to Jake, whose hand had slowed to a lazy rhythm. “Have I told you how good she tastes?”

Jake’s grin was wry, his voice deadpan. “No, man. You haven’t mentioned that.”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?”



He didn’t lie.

He didn’t exaggerate.

She tasted like honey and salt.

Like hot, dirty dreams and sugar.

She tasted like a woman who knew her desires.

She was soaked from the juices of her own climax that had ripped through her less than a minute ago.

And I had to picture kittens and ducks and baby chicks, because holy shit, I wanted to jack myself as I licked her.

Especially when I looked up and saw her taking Finn deep. My eyes nearly popped.

Like a ravenous woman, she sucked him deep. He kneeled beside her, his palms splayed on the headboard, thrusting into her mouth while I ate her.

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