“Leave the stockings on,” I said, because there was nothing sexier than stockings only.

He smirked. “Of course.”

Both men settled onto the bed, Finn facing me, Jake moving behind me. Finn reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand, handing it to his best friend.

“Her ass is so spectacular, you’re going to need to numb your dick so you don’t embarrass yourself,” Finn said.

I felt Jake laugh against my back and mutter, “You’re such an asshole.”

And I smiled, loving that the two of them could shift so easily from sex gods serving me to buddies who ribbed each other.

It was another sign that this wouldn’t change us. Any of us. We could be the same.

I danced my fingertips down Finn’s chest. “How are you doing?”

Finn gazed at me, his eyes intense. “I’m fantastic. How are you doing, baby?”

“Amazing,” I whispered.

“Better than your dreams?” His fingers grazed my belly, as the sound of the top of the lube bottle flicking open landed on my ears.

I nodded. “Better than all my fantasies. Better than anything.”

He kissed my nose, murmuring, “Good. Let’s make it the best night ever, then.”

Jake tapped on my hip. “Move your knee up, Lil.”

I shifted my leg, hooking it over Finn’s hip as my fiancé’s hand traveled between my legs. Groaning, Finn stroked his fingers along my wet center, while Jake curled a hand over my rear.

I shivered from the twin sensations. Then I moaned as Finn’s fingers glided into me. “She loves being fingered,” he told Jake, and my shiver turned to a full-body shudder as Finn went there again. Talking over me. Talking about me.

Turned out, I craved that. I relished being not just the object of their physical attention, but the center of their conversation.

“I know that now,” Jake said wryly. Then in a gruff, knowing tone, he added, “She squirmed like a goddamn champion when my fingers were in her before.”

Finn seemed to bite back a groan, and I tensed briefly. Had Jake crossed the line by talking about me like he knew my wants, my needs, my desires?

The answer came in a hot, possessive kiss, as Finn hooked his fingers inside me. But Finn didn’t kiss me angrily. He kissed me fiercely, making the line clear.

I was his; he was mine.

“Get her ready,” he growled, barely breaking the kiss to issue a command to his best friend.

For tonight, I was theirs.

Jake pressed a finger against me, then once more, he pushed inside. I gasped and then groaned at the intrusion, at the fullness.

This was only the beginning. I’d have to take so much more than fingers. But my God, it felt electric, both of them inside me, both of them making me wetter.

Closing my eyes, I surrendered to the sensations, to the heavy ache inside, the ache they were both filling.

The press of their bodies against me was exquisite. Finn and his hard muscles pressed against my breasts, my belly, my legs. Jake and his equally firm, strong body sealed to my back, my ass, my thighs.

I was sandwiched between them, attention lavished on me by these men.

And it was my turn again to call the shots. I opened my eyes, swallowed, and said something I’d only imagined in my filthiest fantasies. “Will you both please take me now?”

Finn’s grin was the stuff of wicked legends.

Slowly, they removed their fingers, and Jake stole away for a moment. The faucet ran in the bathroom as I climbed on Finn, straddling him.

We hadn’t mapped this out either—this position. But I knew it would be the best one. I’d watched enough, seen plenty.

I settled over him, gripping his gorgeous shaft in my hand and gazing into his eyes. “Hey,” I whispered.

“Hey, you.”

With eyes for him only, I added, “I love you so damn much.”

He reached up, cupping my cheek, then slid a hand to curl around my head. He pulled me close for a searing kiss, then whispered, “I know, baby. I know.” When he let go, his eyes glanced down with a purposeful glint in them. “Now get on me.”

Enough said. I rubbed the head of his shaft against me, as Jake returned from the bathroom. Groaning, Finn wrapped his hands around my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh.

“Need to feel you all the way on me. Need to feel your sweetness on me now, baby.”

He sounded so hungry, so carnal. And at that moment, a new awareness hit me. Yes, tonight was about me, but it was also about them. They were feeling as amazing as I was. Just as they were making sure I was good, I had to take care of the men.

I’d known this, but I hadn’t experienced it fully till now, and I wanted to make every moment good for them, too. They deserved it. Yes, Finn was giving me my fantasy, but I was giving him one too. And Jake, well, Jake deserved to feel spectacular. We were all in this together, and I craved pleasure for all of us.

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