“Work was fabulous. I snagged an interview with a baseball manager I’ve been wanting to talk to,” she told me as I moved my mouth along her jaw, kissing her, working my way to her lips.

“That’s because you’re the best damn reporter the network has.”

She hummed her approval. “You’re buttering me up.”

I laughed. “What would I butter you up for? To make me dinner? I already made you dinner, woman.”

She laughed too, then I pressed a kiss to those luscious lips I loved.

This woman.

She was my everything.

I shut the door behind her as she set down her purse on the couch, and I gestured to the table, already set for dinner.

“Finn,” she said softly as she saw the pad thai and drunken noodles. “You made my favorites.”

“Don’t I always?”

She washed her hands, and we sat, digging into our dinner. “What about you? Did you get everything sorted out with the new TV show deals?”

She listened, enrapt, as I shared the details on a contract I’d been working on at my law firm, then she told me about her dress shopping with Kate.

“Is the dress sexy?” I asked. “Your wedding dress?”

She shot me a look. “Is it sexy? Is that a real question?”

“Well, is it?”

She huffed. “Finn Nichols. Have you met my fiancé? He happens to prefer me in only the sexiest clothes. Including my wedding dress.”

I grinned, like a dirty devil. “What can I say? I am a man of simple taste.”

“And your taste runs skintight.”

I chuckled. “Not always. Case in point—I thought you looked hot when you walked in the door a few minutes ago, all dressed up in your slacks and shirt.”

She arched a skeptical brow. “Hot? You thought I was hot in my reporter outfit?”

“Of course you were hot. It’s your natural state,” I said, standing and scooping up the plates to clean up.

She joined me, setting the rest of the dishes in the sink. “So you like me in anything? Not just in skintight clothes? Because that’s more your speed, Finn.”

I ran a hand over her tight, firm ass, groaning. “Fine. You busted me. I like skintight. But you know what I like better?”

She spun around, her eyes darkening. “Tell me.”

Her words were an invitation. I whispered in her ear. “I like it best when I have you in nothing.”

She pursed her lips, gestured to the bedroom, then said in a sultry voice, “Then maybe you ought to arrest me in a few minutes for public indecency.”

* * *

There was nothing public about her outfit.

But my reaction to it was illegal.

The woman—my woman—was so damn alluring in nearly nothing.

Especially when she initiated role play.

And tonight I was a cop.

The suspect was so damn naughty.

“Hands against the wall,” I growled later that night in our living room.

“What did I do wrong?” she asked, sounding legit concerned. Like she really might be in trouble with the law. The way she committed to the character stoked my desire. Made me even hotter for her.

My voice was all command. “I ask the questions. I give the orders.”

Lily trembled as she splayed her palms against the wall in our living room. “What are you going to order me to do?”

“What are you going to order me to do, Officer?” I corrected her.

She repeated the question back at me.

“Spread your legs,” I rasped.

She widened her stance. I tapped the toe of my boot against one ankle, then the other, kicking her legs open wider. “You’re being taken into police custody for a crime you keep committing.”

“What’s the crime, Officer?”

My God, she sounded so innocent, like she didn’t know.

I pushed my pelvis against her so she could feel the hard outline of my erection even through my clothes. She wore only panties and a bra, the very outfit I’d had to arrest the naughty little vixen in when she suggested one of our favorite scenes.

I dipped my mouth to the back of her neck, brushing my lips against her skin. “Making me too hard. That’s what. It’s a felony and you know it.”

She reached her hand back, trying to grab at me. I swatted her palm away and then ground against her so she could feel my length. “A man has limits, and you’ve crossed them. I’m going to need to pat you down.”

My hands skimmed up her naked waist, fingers trailing across the soft flesh of her belly. She gasped as I touched her, then moaned as I cupped her breasts. “You’re not concealing anything from me here, are you?”

“You better check, Officer.”

I dipped my hands inside the flimsy lace of her bra, squeezing her perfect globes. Her back arched. “Be careful there with all that wiggling, or I’m going to have to call for backup.”

She gasped, and I grinned privately, filing that tidbit away. “You are?”

“Yes. Because you’ve been tempting me far too much. You’re too sexy, and now I’m going to have to take you into the bedroom for questioning.”

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