Trouble was, I shivered as a rush of heat spread through me from my chest, down my belly, and straight between my legs. My mind quickly assembled one of my go-to images. Finn, in his charcoal slacks, dress shirt, and a tie. And another man. A nameless, faceless man. But someone who looked like Finn, dressed like Finn.

They’d find me in bed, wearing only the sexiest lingerie, lazily touching myself, like I’d been waiting to be discovered. When they found me, they’d be instantly aroused, so ready to please me at the same time.

God, I was a hedonist.

A raging, shameless one.

And I had to stop it. Shut down the thoughts.

I was getting married. I was moving into a new phase of my life, one I wanted, one I cherished.

I couldn’t go there. Even with my fiancé. Some things were better off as fantasies.

Especially when Finn sent me a text, asking me to meet him at Eden after work.

Our favorite sex-toy shop.

Yes, that was our speed. We were the kind of couple who’d have a threesome with a battery-operated friend.

Him, me, and the dolphin.

And I’d be fine with that.

When I was done with work, I googled local deejays and wedding singers, checking out some clips.

Yep, this was the speed I needed to be cruising along at and not the lawless filthy one.



I couldn’t entirely get my mind off my obsession with Lily’s pleasure.

But I did my best the next day.

Jake and I met our friend Adam for a working lunch at a restaurant near our firm. Adam ran his own production company and we handled all his contracts. Adam was a good friend too and the three of us always had a blast together whether while working, working out, or going out.

That would be what I needed most right now.

“The next slate of shows are going to be the definition of bingeworthy,” Adam said, then took of bite of his chicken Caesar salad.

“Then we need to make sure Webflix pays a pretty penny for them,” Jake said.

“How about a pretty dollar?” I suggested as I took a drink of my iced tea on the terrace of the cafe.

Adam wiggled a brow. “I like that. Make it a ten.”

“A franklin,” Jake added, clearly wanting to win this one.

Like the competitive assholes we were, we continued to escalate till we hit ten grand. “Speaking of,” Jake said, a quizzical look on his face. “What’s the most you can bet on blackjack?”

I shot him a curious look. “You planning on becoming a card shark?”

He scratched his jaw. “Maybe I should. I’m excellent with bets.”

Adam laughed. “If there’s one surefire way to lose money in Vegas, it’s at the tables. And consider that free advice. I know that’s hard for you to conceive of, being sharks of attorneys and all.”

I pointed at him, as I narrowed my brow. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but do you want us to be anything but sharks?”

“Fair point,” he said, as he returned to his salad, and we finished reviewing the contract details we planned to lock up for him.

When we were through, I paid the bill, though my mind drifted once more to my favorite place. To Lily. To thoughts of her deepest wishes. To my own desires to give her everything.

I couldn’t get my mind off her.

I wasn’t sure I ever would.

And I didn’t know if that was a good thing.

* * *

After I finished reviewing files for a case that afternoon, I hit the gym with Jake.

“Ready to be destroyed in another round of one-on-one?” I asked after we tackled the weights. Another activity that might distract me from my number one obsession. Did I need a distraction? Quite possibly or my mind was going to combust from thoughts of getting my woman to tell me her deepest secret.

He rolled his eyes as we hit the courts. “You seem to have a different definition of ‘destroyed.’ You see, destroy is what I do to your sorry ass when it comes to basketball.”

“Bud, that’s cute that you think you’ll win.”

He arched a brow. “Allow me to remind you by taking no prisoners.”

It was all in good fun because Jake did usually kill it at basketball. But I was required by the universal code of men to trash-talk.

It was what we did. What we’d always do, I had no doubt. I’d known him for years, and he was the best kind of guy. I wasn’t going to say he was like a brother, because no one could fill that role. But hell, he was damn close.

He’d been there for me when I didn’t even realize I needed someone, the friend who’d insisted I get my shit together when he saw I was about to snap.

A few years ago, he’d found me in the office at two in the morning yet again, draining another pot of coffee, obsessing over another case.

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