I tested her first, dipping one finger inside.

So warm.

I tugged on her hair, pressed my lips to her neck, and whispered hotly, “Fuck my finger, dirty girl. Show me you want it.”

“I do. God, I want it so much,” she said, rocking back against me fast, furiously.

Yes, this was good. This was how she’d get ready. On her terms. Using my finger to get her sweet heat ready for more.

After a few minutes, I was sure Nina could handle it.

And I bet she’d been taking it hard and good with vibrators for years. I bet she had drawerfuls of them, and I was confident, too, that she’d tell me all about her dirty little collection. That it was on the tip of her tongue, just waiting to be set free. I could do that for her. I could be the one she shared it all with. I was her safety zone for every after-dark thought. “Tell me something.”

“I’ll tell you anything,” she said, and I grinned. Yep, Nina wanted to be unlocked.

I had the key. I kept turning it. “Do you fuck yourself with toys, dirty girl?” I moved my finger faster, stroking her clit with another one.

“Yes. I did that last night.”

Lust tore through me like wildfire. The images flashed in front of my eyes. The awareness of what she’d done while I slept nearby. “When I was in the guest room, you were pleasuring yourself with a toy?”

“Yes. I used my rabbit. I like it hard and deep. So deep.”

Enough said.

She was good to go.

My virgin could handle what I had in store for her. I lowered my mouth to her neck, kissing her possessively as I added another finger, lust rocketing through every molecule in my body. “Were you on your back last night? Your legs spread nice and wide?” I asked as I thrust a third finger into her hot, tight center.

“No. I was on all fours.”

I nearly lost it. She masturbated on her hands and knees. Forget five thousand degrees. I was hotter. “I’m going to need to see that. Need to watch you do that. I’m going to watch you and come all over your beautiful back when you do that.”

She pulsed around my fingers, quivering, turning even wetter, even slicker. “Yes, do that. Watch me. Watch me and come on me. Come all over me,” she said, and her voice wasn’t her own. It was sensual and smoky while she chased her pleasure, pumping her pelvis against my fingers as I stroked her just as hard.

Just as ruthlessly.

Just the way she wanted it.

She was no longer nervous, no longer scared.

She was all in, and I was so damn glad she’d found her freedom.

We were perfectly in sync as I stroked, rubbing her clit, twisting my fingers in and out, searching and finding that spot—that wonderful X-marks-the-spot of euphoric pleasure.

“Yes, oh God, yes. I need to come. Please let me come.

Please, please, please.”

This woman. My God. She knew what she wanted. Knew what she had to have.

Her entire body shook as I tugged her hair and stroked her sweet center. “Ask me one more time,” I growled. “Ask like a good dirty girl.”

She moaned to the heavens. “Adam, please let me come. I’m begging you.”

I nipped her neck, my voice ragged against her skin. “Come all over my hand. Come like the good little virgin you are. Give it all to me.”

And she did.

Holy hell, she did.

She shuddered, and a wave of pleasure seemed to roll over her. And again, and again, and again.

Her lips parted in the most magnificent O as she cried out. Her sounds reached the ceiling. They reverberated throughout her home. They rang in my ears like the most gorgeous song I’d ever heard.

It was as if she’d never come before. Not like this. Not this hard. Not this intensely.

And I suspected she hadn’t.

When she came down minutes later, her eyes were glossy, her expression hazy. But she smiled then nibbled on her lip. I felt like a king.

That look on her face did something to my chest, like my heart was squeezing. I’d done that to her. I’d made her feel something she’d longed for. My friend. My wonderful, daring friend who’d trusted me with her most secret self.

“Did you like that, dirty girl?” I asked, my tone a little softer now, just me again.

She smiled, like she was still buzzed. “I loved it. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Then her shyness returned. An innocent little look as she cast her eyes down then back up. “Adam, that was my first. No one else has made me come but me.”

My chest glowed from that knowledge, and I liked it so much, probably more than I should have. I kissed her cheek, this time softly, but I couldn’t stop savoring the depth of this first.

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