I was shaking from the pleasure.

He hadn’t even put his mouth on me, and I was trembling with need.

“Please,” I murmured.

“Beg for it.”

“Adam, please. Please touch me. Please go down on me.”

“Use your words,” he instructed. “Use your dirty words.”

I breathed in deep, and then said words I’d only said in my fantasies. “Please eat me. I’m begging you. Go down on me, and fuck me with your tongue.”

In a second, his face was between my legs, and I moaned so loudly I was sure Miss Sheridan would wink at me later, tell me she’d caught my cries on her downward-facing-dog video.

I didn’t care.

Because I was having something spectacular for the first time.

This was why women loved being eaten.

It was decadent.

Adam’s tongued lapped me up, his mouth caressed me, his fingers stroked me. He ate me and kissed me and lavished pleasure all over my wet, aching center.

“Yes, please. Oh God. Adam,” I said, writhing and arching against him, keeping my hands on my legs the whole time, as he’d told me to.

How had I missed out on this for all these years? This was better than chocolate, better than music, better than the sexiest photos I’d ever taken.

I was having what my clients were having, I was sure.

And Adam was taking me, eating me like I was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

I was close, so close, and as pleasure coiled in me, I was terrified for the briefest of seconds that I’d come too hard, too loud.

“Adam,” I cried out, my voice breaking. “I’m about to come.”

He stopped. Instantly. “No.”

I trembled, staring at him, the pending crush of pleasure threatening to take over. “No?”

“Beg me,” he said with narrowed eyes. “Beg me to let you come.”

With my hands on my thighs, I spread my legs even wider, my climax fighting to break free. I had to come. I needed the release. “Please let me come, Adam. Please. I’m begging you.”

“One more ‘please.’”


He returned to my sex and the second his lips were in their rightful place, I detonated. I screamed. I rocked and writhed and came harder than I’d ever come before as white-hot pleasure ripped through me. I was seeing stars upon galaxies of stars.

And it wasn’t stopping.

Nor was he. He slowed his pace, but kept licking, kept kissing. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I registered a sound. A bottle being opened. A squirt.

He pulled his mouth away. “Keep your hands on your thighs. I’m not done with you.”

Shuddering, I whispered, “Yes.”

Then I felt his fingers traveling lower, farther. When he reached my ass, he pushed, and I tensed. “I’ve got you.”

And oh yes, did he ever have me.

He pushed the tip of his lubricated finger into my ass, and I squirmed, letting out a yelp. “Adam, Adam, Adam,” I panted, my voice rising because as much as I wanted this, as much as I trusted him, his finger was entering my rear, and this was also very much virgin territory.

“Do you need me to stop?” he asked, stilling himself.

I drew a breath, shook my head. “No.” Then, louder this time, I told him exactly what I wanted. Because this was on my list too. “I want you to keep going.”

“That’s my girl,” he said, praising me as he pushed his finger deeper. He pressed a kiss to my sensitive clit, and my hips rocked up in pleasure.

“So nice and tight,” he murmured against me as he stroked inside me with his finger. “Have you taken anything in your ass before, sweet girl?”

Sweet girl.

He’d used that nickname for the second time, and somehow it felt fitting as he touched me there. I loved that he still saw me as sweet even as he explored all my entrances.

“Yes. Just a plug though,” I admitted.

“Good. This will feel so much better,” he said, slowly easing out his finger.

I craned my neck as he reached for the black vibrator, hit the on button, and pressed it against my ass.

I jerked, a wave of lust spilling over me as he slid the tip of the toy against my ass.

“God, yes. That’s so good.”

“It’s going to be so damn good when you beg to come again.”

That was all he said, because he silenced himself with me. His lips returned to my swollen center, his tongue flicking my clit as he pushed the toy deeper into my rear.

The twin sensations—penetration and filthy kisses—sent me into the stratosphere in seconds.

Lust rocketed through me, and I became a wild woman. Swallowed whole by pleasure, I gave in to the crush of sensations. To the waves of desire flooding my body. I felt tight and hot on the vibrator and wet and soft on his mouth.

And I felt bliss.

Tingling, delicious bliss racing across my skin.

I was close again, and I remembered the rules.

“Adam, let me come.”

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